63,000 Heroine Deaths From Mexican Border


In an astonishingly bad move, the democrats are once again playing the pretend game. They are pretending that there is nothing bad going on at the USA/Mexico border.

In 2017 an unbelievable 493,000 Americans 12 years and older admitted to using heroine in the past 12 months. Some 90% of USA heroine comes in through the Mexican border.

In the past 5 years the USA has experienced approximately 70,000 deaths from heroine overdose.That means, that approximately 63,000 Americans died from heroine brought in through the Mexican border in the past 5 years.

Anyone who is not in denial would call that a national emergency. That is 23 times the number of people who died at the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Every year since 2010 has seen a significant increase, not decrease, in heroine usage in the USA. So if the democrats continue to refuse to fund the border wall, in the next 5 years there will be an estimated 75-85,000 deaths from heroine from Mexico.

These numbers do not include other drugs pouring in from Mexico. They do not include the number of people who had overdoses and lived. They do not include the number of lives that have been ruined.

Do the democrats understand the immeasurable pain that USA families have suffered from drug cartels south of the border? and all for money? Do the democrats really care about anything except winning elections?

What the democrats are doing is unconscionable.



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New Muslim Democrat Representative Is An America Destroyer

Rashida Tlaib, democrat from Michigan, has not been in office a month, but she is already spewing Islamic hatred.

Apparently she told her own son, that her and her democrat colleagues were going to go into congress and impeach that motherf_ _ _ _ _. She was directly referring to President Trump. Can you believe the deep profane malice in Rashida’s heart? She is the first Palestinian American woman sworn-in to congress.

It is now common knowledge, that Rashida co-wrote in the “Detroit Free Press”, that Trump is a direct and serious threat to the United States. This is basically a bald-faced lie. Rashida and her Islamic cohorts are a huge existential threat to the U.S. The saddest part about this is the fact, that the Democrat Party is synonymous with this ever growing cesspool of destruction.

I am calling out the Democrat Party as an increasingly seditious organization, that is welcoming all sorts of existential dangers right into our own back yards. The Democrat Party has become anti-Christian, pro-Sodom-and-Gomorrah, pro-Islam, pro-kill-innocent-unborn-American-babies, anti-family, socialist, anti-republic, Constitution-perverting, pro-judiciary-usurping, antagonizing, race-baiting, riot-agitating, increase-power-any-way-you-can.

The Democrat Party is forcing America to the brink of possible civil war.

Muslim sympathizing President Obama cleverly used the high office of the President to mainstream acceptance of nation-destroying-Islam into the United States.

It has become clearer, that the liberal Deep-State abused bureaucratic U.S. institutions in an attempt to elect Hillary Clinton as President, and should she fail to be elected, to disrupt and overthrow the duly elected presidency of Donald Trump.

Remember how the Palestinians cheered when the New York Twin Towers fell to the ground? Representative Rashida Tlaib is of Palestinian origin.

The United States has found itself in a position of not being able to identify and neutralize direct threats to its existence. If left unchecked, these things will complete their rot and mildew until the USA folds under its own weight.

Traditional America is fast becoming a thing of the past; meaning, it is almost destroyed. People like President Trump still stand in the way, and that is why people like Rashida Tlaib hate him so much.


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