The Nice Thief

Pilfer the pirate had such a pleasant smile. He hung out at the town square on a regular basis, spinning yarns about his misadventures. Often, he would buy a round of beer for the boys, just because he was such a nice fellow. Everyone knew that he was a thief, but it was hard to hate such a nice guy, who was always happy and gay.

“Hey Pilfer, why did you choose a life of piracy?” one man asked.

“I can’t help it,” replied Pilfer the pirate. “I was born this way.”

One day, Suzie Q was leaving the hairstylist and could not find her brand new Cadillac. A brand new bicycle, kickstand down, was standing in the parking space instead. A note was attached with these words: “I know you have plenty of money to buy several Cadillacs Suzie Q. I didn’t want to leave you stranded, so I left you this nice bicycle to get you home.”

Adam Smith found a note where his high-dollar computer had been sitting. “You are such a talented man and you waste so much time on your computer, that I wanted to do you a favor, so you could get your life back. You’re welcome.

Jane Lovelace found a note in her jewelry box, where she would leave her $15,000 ear rings, when she wasn’t wearing them. “You are such an incredibly beautiful woman, that not even these ear rings can enhance your beauty. I will put them to much better use.”

The authorities tried many times to catch Pilfer the pirate, but with no success. Finally the powers-that-be decided, that Pilfer the pirate never really harmed anyone. How could they blame Pilfer; for after all, he couldn’t really help himself, because he was born that way.

They created a new protected status for nice thieves, that exempted them from prosecution. Furthermore, anyone speaking against nice thieves are using hate-speech, punishable by up to one year in prison. Nice thieves are not to be discriminated against.



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Malicious Intent

See the source image“We would have been delighted for President Trump to carry our water; but instead, the son-of-a-Gothamite hooked up with those despicably deplorable evangelicals and that is the unpardonable sin.”

With only 13 months remaining before the next presidential election, the Democrat Party is launching a second attempt to impeach the duly elected President of the United States.

Malice is the word. A significant percentage of Democrats don’t really care about what they have alleged President Trump to have done, for they engage in the same kind of behavior on a regular basis. Their actions are driven by malice. They passionately hate the President.

So what we have in these not-so-United-States-of-America, is a Democrat Party, that is willing to bend, abuse and misuse any rule they can, to overthrow the President.

Let me remind you, that the next presidential election is only 13 months away. Even a reasonably angry person could patiently wait in hopes, that President Trump would be voted out of office, but NO!

For them, the democratic process is an unpleasant nuisance, that they do not respect; and thus, they cannot be hamstrung by something so ridiculously impractical. They know what is best for our country, and the rest of the nation be damned, as far as they are concerned.


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