America’s Best Days Over & Here’s Why

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Mickey, how dare you say such a thing?

Outside of an unforeseen radical change for the better morally speaking, America will NOT recover its former greatness. Greatness is not measured in physical wealth, knowledge, or even military power. Greatness is measured by a nation’s response to the Creator.

Almighty YaHVeH is not interested in forcing humanity to do anything, BUT He will not allow Satan to continue to rig the system of any nation in such a way as to keep humanity from reasonably considering whether or not they want to follow Almighty God.

Any country that does not have reasonable restraints upon evil, will be so overrun by evil, that the population will no longer reasonably consider following The Great Creator. Almighty God will destroy such a nation or empire in due time.

Generally speaking, good laws are about reasonably restraining evil in a secular world, while still allowing the people to choose for themselves whether they want to be good or bad.

America is at the tipping point. Americans have thrown off much of the reasonable restraint that maintains the delicate balance that I mentioned. The liberals have gained such a monopoly control over important institutions; such as, education, the judiciary, the news media, and even Hollywood, that the American mind is mostly bombarded with a mindset that is hostile to the Creator.

Good people have defaulted on their duty to maintain a reasonably good government. To put it in simple terms, American children are no longer faced with a reasonable choice of whether to be good or bad; they are overwhelmed with everything selfish and wrong.

This is why America will most likely never recover its former greatness. Early America was set up to honor Almighty God, while allowing people to decide for themselves whether they wanted to be good or bad.

Now, Satan and liberals have pushed us too far away from the source of all life, and unless drastic measures are taken to turn it around, it will be the death of this great and mighty nation.

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France’s President Macron Confused

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President Emanuel Macron said that nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism, that they are exact opposites. Whaaaaat? Sir, you seem to be confused.

Just to be sure it was not I that is confused; I looked up both words. I was right; they are synonyms. They mean virtually the same thing. Both have to do with a deep love for one’s country. Perhaps President Macron meant, that nationalism is a betrayal of globalism.

Globalism basically abandons principle in the search for “peace at all costs”. I have news for world leaders: there are some things that are worth fighting for. “Peace above all” is for timid souls, who are unconcerned with the One Who made heaven and earth.

Imagine a world that gives murderous Islam its way, because we want them to stop killing people. Pathetic! Imagine weakening our principles just to get along with Communists, and all in the name of “no war”. Imagine compromise with dictators, who care nothing for their people and are all about promoting their selves. Now there is a world that is putrifying!

In such a world, we can all hold hands and rock back and forth to the music of “I have no backbone and am willing to sacrifice all that is holy.” In such a world, nothing is special. In such a world, the line between good and evil has been blurred so badly, that govil is the new desire of nations: we all live and then lay down in the dust without any meaning or hope of anything better. How very dull.

Lucifer, hater of nations, does exist. Going into denial will never change this reality. Because Satan exists, there is a wrecking phenomena designed to undermine the Creator’s creation. There is also the “power of choice”, that has been granted to all people for the sole purpose of choosing sides: you can either follow the Creator and His Son, or you can follow the destroyer. War is inevitable BECAUSE, stopping evil requires blood sacrifice.

So Mr. Macron, you obviously do not understand, that globalism is worthless. On the face, world peace (aka globalism) seems noble, but we see by close examination, it is nothing more than appeasing the destroyers of everything good. I personally want nothing to do with such a world. I choose the Creator and His Son every time.

Globalism is the betrayal of Almighty God period!

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