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A House Divided Cannot Stand

1FB8C94600000578-2889898-image-a-27_1419851629758Christ spoke these words, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” Matthew 12:25

The book most held in possession by the early settlers and colonists was the Holy Bible. They were God-fearing people. My great grandfather had a reputation for being a mean man; however, he still feared Almighty God. Once he was plowing a field with a horse and the field was full of rocks. He was so tired of hitting rocks with the plow, that he swore an oath. The oath went something like this, “I hope Almighty God strikes me dead if I ever put a garden here again.” He did a lot of mean things in his life, but he was afraid to ever make a garden on that site again, because of his words before the Creator.

This present generation in America is a generation of snakes. Generally speaking they neither respect nor fear Almighty God. They continually strive to stretch the boundaries of the law and morality, until everything is permissible. When you try to point out the evil, they make a mockery of your words. They call it making progress. Their very own forefathers would be completely ashamed at what they are doing, for it upends generations of God-fearing living. They do not understand the horrific sacrifices that laid the foundation for such a great nation and are not worthy of the liberties we enjoy. WE ARE DIVIDED!

My great-great-great-great-great-grandfather fought and died in the American Revolutionary War. I still cling to my guns and religion as passed down to me from generation to generation; and I want you to know, that I have done my best to pass these principles down to my children. I still preach to my children about living a righteous life before Almighty God, and I will continue to do so until the last breath. I am now a part of the great minority of God-fearing Americans, who will not go along with the abominations of this generation of vipers. WE ARE DIVIDED!

They call me intolerant, right-wing-fanatic, politically incorrect, homophobic, male-chauvinist, goody-two-shoes, holier-than-thou, anti-choice, religious-bigot, Bible-thumping, religious-zealot. You know what? They don’t even know what they are talking about. My kind of people were the norm in early America and it is what made their indulgences even possible. Without my kind of people, they would still be living in the dark ages under authoritarian rule. They would not even have the possibility of tearing down something great, because they would not be living in something great. They will not stop until they completely destroy the good American we once knew. They are on a par with the likes of Hitler, who aspired to make a great race of people without the Almighty’s help, that would endure for 1000 years. I make no apology for this statement. It is a true statement. This generation is very very religious against Almighty God, just like Hitler. WE ARE DIVIDED!

America is a house divided and it cannot continue to stand as it has in the past. Committed Christians like myself will not compromise our principles, because Christ Himself said, “If you love Me, keep my commandments.” Christians like me will try to honor Christ to the end of our days, because there is no eternal life without obeying Christ. Sometimes we fall and sometimes we sin, but we continue to get back up on our feet and follow after Christ. It is what Christ expects of us, but this generation of snakes demands that we water down our morality. This generation of vipers pressures us and our children to go along with a little more compromise. This generation of serpents seeks to coerce every virtuous soul to bend to their wishes. This generation of cockatrices paints a little more slime on every good thing, until there is no guilt or shame to whatever a soul may desire to do. WE ARE DIVIDED!

Christianity and  depravity are incompatible. Light and darkness cannot co-exist. Good and evil will always strive against one another. Christianity and progressivism are incompatible. Life and worldliness are incompatible. Sin and righteousness are not compatible. Slothfulness and Christianity are incompatible. Sexual immorality and Christianity are incompatible. The worship of creation is incompatible with Christianity. Homosexuality and Christianity are incompatible. Abortion-on-demand and Christianity are incompatible. Worshiping the state and Christianity are incompatible. Bowing the knee in an act of worship to anyone or anything other than Almighty God is incompatible with Christianity. Serving other gods along with serving Almighty God is incompatible with Christianity. Christians are not good in-and-of themselves; in fact, Christians are not good at all without Christ. Christ is the difference, and Christ demands that we become more and more like Him. There is a clash of good and evil taking place in the USA and it has been going on for several decades. Sure, we Christians will very likely lose our heads for this stand of righteousness, BUT WE WILL NOT GO ALONG WITH THE DEVIL AND EVIL IN ORDER TO SAVE OUR HEADS. Evil will win in the temporary, but Christianity will prevail in the end and for eternity.

As for me and my house, we will serve Almighty YaHVeH, come hell or high water. I expect to be mocked and made light of. I accept this as part of the territory and move forward with Christ hoping that many will come along with me. Eternal life is what I long for more than anything else, and by the grace of Almighty God, me and my loved ones will have it. There are many things in life that I hope to enjoy, but my highest goal is eternal life in Christ, and I am not ashamed to be associated with Yahshua Jesus the Messiah.



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