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The Mickey McConnell UnChoke Technique

download (22)I have hit upon a very effective means for relieving MYSELF of being choked. I discovered this move several years ago, and now that I am in the blogosphere, I have the ability to reach more people with this great benefit.

Have you ever been eating or drinking just as normally as a person might eat or drink, and found yourself coughing embarrassingly hard and long? Of course you have, because it is a part of being human. I am one who likes to carefully analyze all sorts of situations. I noticed, that when I get choked, I have this uncontrollable urge to cough. You cannot help yourself from feeling this.

Your food is supposed to go down your Esophagus/foodpipe and not your windpipe. A careless inhale while you are chewing your food or drink can draw some of this matter down the pipe that is exclusively designated for air. A cough in this situation is designed to clear the windpipe of foreign matter and it is very effective; however, the mistake most people make is to rapidly suck in air immediately at the point of choking. BIG MISTAKE!

As a strong exhale out of the windpipe can clear foreign matter; so also, a strong inhale downward into the windpipe, can draw the foreign matter deeper still into the forbidden zone, leaving you far more choked than you were at the beginning. At first you were only a little choked, and at that point it would have been easy to get yourself unchoked.

You could retrain yourself in a new technique. I know this is possible, because I trained myself to do this, and I have easily unchoked myself many times, without the long hard embarrassing coughing.

Here is what you do. When you first suck foreign matter into your windpipe, DO NOT PANIC! Use excessive self-control in resisting the urge to inhale a massive volume of air  for a cough. Instead, breathe very very slowly inward until your lungs are full of air. This will allow the foreign matter to stay in its original position, while air under low pressure makes its way around the foreign matter and down into your lungs. Once your lungs are full of air, THEN blast it out in the form of a cough. I have found, that this will almost always give me immediate relief, because I can usually blast the foreign matter right out. Sometimes you may have to repeat what you have done to get full relief.

The object of this technique is to keep yourself from drawing the foreign matter deeper into your windpipe, where it will be even more difficult to get it out. I know for a fact, that a person can train their self to do this, because I have trained myself to do it. It may take you several times of getting choked to learn how not to panic and make it worse, but I believe you can do it, because I have.

Hopefully this will help you to never need the Heimlich Maneuver. Happy eating and drinking to all and may Almighty God bless you with good things as you honor Him.


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