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Obama The Magnificent Arabian

images (13)Obama is an unusual man. He is more white than anything (50%), but he does not identify with white people. Even though his mother is a white woman, Obama does not identify with whites. Obama is allegedly 6-7% black. Perhaps this is the reason he has done so little for the black people of the USA, because he really is not a black man. Allegedly, Obama is 43-44% of Arabian descent. This statistic would seem to be  one of the keys to who Obama is.

Obama very much identifies with Arabs. He bowed to the Saudi king of Arabia. He has deep interest in the matters of Arabs. He is a very religious man, and he has celebrated Ramadan again and again at the White House. This is something a true long-time mature Christian could never do. He speaks affectionately about Islam, but does not speak affectionately about Christianity or Judaism. Jeremiah Wright’s church, which Obama attended, is not so much Christian, when you consider that they gave Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan a Lifetime Achievement Award. This too is a very non-Christian act.

Most people in the world have an interest about where they came from and this is normal. We don’t always like certain things about our past or our roots, but we usually cling to certain parts of that ancestral heritage. Obama seems to have a serious problem with his white history, but he embraces his Arab heritage.

This seems to explain Obama’s lack of enthusiasm for the American way of life. This would explain his desire to change America. This would explain why he has so many Muslims and Muslim sympathizers in his administration. This would explain why he seems to resist all efforts to guard the USA from certain threats that are rooted in Islam.It is not so much that Obama loves Arabia, but that he loves the religion of Arabia: Islam.

Obama is truly a gifted man. He has incredible oratory skills and he is a very charismatic personality. Many evil men in history have possessed a spell-bounding charisma that attracts throngs of people. These people are mesmerized. They are virtually hypnotized. It is like romantic infatuation: carried away by the present, but blind to the facts and reality of the man. This is America. A large percentage do not even notice each time Obama undoes something profoundly American, for they are under his spell. It is a wondrously bizarre phenomena. These people lack spiritual insight.

Do not be surprised, if Obama moves to an Arab or Muslim country when his second term expires; that is, if he leaves office. I am not predicting this, but it is a very strong possibility.  He is a very audacious Arabian sort.  I am not sure that he has the courage to attempt a coupe d’ etat, but I am very sure that he is weighing all his options. Many Americans are willing to follow him even over a cliff if he requires it of them. He adores the religion of Arabia and it seems to be his highest priority. America is in grave danger as Americans party themselves into a drunken stupor spiritually speaking. When the death-blow comes, they will not know it until the next morning, and then it will be too late.


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