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Love’s 13 Essential Ingredients

Holland.-River-of-Flowers-KeukenhofTake this test to see if you know how to love. If you want to be a great person of love, then you should strive to add all these ingredients to your interaction with other people.

#1.  Are you patient with people? Another description of patience is “suffering long”. Do you suffer long with people? Are you willing to endure things about other people that you do not like?

#2.  Are you a kind person? Kindness is an important facet of love. Are you rough and careless and mean to people or do they sense that you care about them?

#3.  When someone has something that you wish you had, do you resent them for it? Are you envious of them in a bad way for this reason?

#4.  Are you boastful and braggadocious? This is a sign that you do not love the way you should. Boastfulness and humility are opposites. Pure love is not haughty and arrogant.

#5.  Do you behave appropriately around people? Do you act correctly in a way that fits each situation?

#6.  Are you a selfish person? Love is not selfish. Love is looking to the needs of others besides yourself.

#7.  Are you easily provoked in a bad way? It takes a lot to provoke a person of love.

#8.  Love does not have harmful intentions. Do you wish bad things for some people?

#9.  Do you rejoice sometimes at sinful behavior? If you do, then you have not learned to properly love. Proper love delights in truth instead.Screen-shot-2012-06-12-at-7.54.06-PM-620x443

#10.  Are you able to “cover with silence” things that must not be spoken of to others? Pure love learns to wisely be silent about certain things you know.

#11.  How committed are you? Are you in it for the long haul? Are you a fair weather friend?

#12.  Do you always hold out hope? Or is your love shallow?

#13.  Last but not least, do you give up on people? This is perhaps the most important aspect of love. Love endures and continues on and keeps going. We are all human and need to be able to count on others. Does your love fail?

If you do not measure up to these criteria, do not lose heart. Real and pure love has a way of growing up and becoming mature. Most of us can grow in love, and I encourage you to mature into being a person of great love.

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