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Love Muslims Hate Islam/Koran

Almost done, but not quite. ISIS published these images to Twitter which they are using as a media o


by Mickey McConnell      January 1, 2015


You shall love your fellowman as you love yourself. (Mark 12:31) Christ Himself made it very clear, that we are to love all people. It is sinful to hate anyone. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE EVERYONE, but you must love them. It is possible to love a person and not like them.

For example: If you saw your mortal enemy’s car broken down beside the road and you stopped and genuinely offered to help them, that genuine offer of help is an act of love. You still may not like the person one little bit, but what you do shows what is in your heart. Love is an action and not a feeling.

Christians are commanded to love Muslims, because Muslims are people. If a Muslim is in need, we are to help them, the same as anyone else. Muslims are human beings with an eternal soul, that need salvation through Yahshua Jesus as much as all the rest of us. Christ died on the cross to save Muslims from their sins, the same as He died for the sins of us all. Christ loves Muslims!

Now I want you to listen carefully. As a Christian you must hate Islam and the Koran. Islam viciously attacks the most basic tenets of Christianity. Koran 19:88-92 blasts the divinity of Christ; therefore, the hostility of Islam/Koran is a direct threat against the existence of Christianity. If Christ is not the Son of God, then His death on the cross does not cleanse us from sin. If Christ is not the Son of God, then the Holy Spirit is a liar. If Christ is not the Son of God, then the Holy Bible cannot be trusted. YaHVeH and Allah are not the same god by any stretch of the imagination. Let us get rid of any idea, that Islam and Christianity can be buddies. The religion of Christianity and Islam are theological contradictions of the gravest sort. These two are ideologically hostile to each other on the face and at the very core.

At one time, I had a Muslim brother-in-law. I really liked him a lot. He and I had many discussions. I DO NOT HATE MUSLIMS! I do hate Islam and the Koran, because they purposefully attempt to negate the most important tenets of Christianity. My loyalty is to Almighty YaHVeH and to His Son Yahshua Jesus. Mohammed did not die for my sins, but Yahshua Jesus did die for my sins. Mohammed did not rise from the dead and break the power of sin and death, but Yahshua Jesus did. There is absolutely no eternal life in Allah, Islam or the Koran, but there is eternal life through Yahshua Jesus. You cannot kill enough people in the name of Allah and Islam to get to heaven, but you can get to heaven by putting your trust in Yahshua Jesus for salvation. I choose Yahshua Jesus and eternal life.

Concerning the picture, this man was killed in this fashion as a result of Islam and the Koran. Who would want to be a part of a religion that is so unconscionably WRONG?

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