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Guess: Who Are We?

images (3)Who are we?

Forbidden fruit is sweet. Eat, drink and be merry, for no one is watching.

Let us plunder the wealth of the hard-working and distribute it freely among the lazy sloths.

So you are a family man, really? except, what is a family?

We will party with our enemies: our new-found friends. They love us, don’t they? We no longer have to fear what they might do to our loved ones. We shall forthwith lay down our weapons. Isn’t this so fun and profoundly revolutionarily utopian?

We will confiscate all those nasty little firearms and demand that you trust in us to keep you safe.

We will relieve our promiscuous friends of the responsibility of raising unwanted innocent souls: those annoying by-products of promiscuity.

We will open the media outlets to pornography and to all the delights of fallen man.

We will accept the vile affections of the abhorrently depraved as normal and good.

Join us, for we will remove every restraint.

Freedom to us means, we have a right to be irresponsible, without you voicing your disapproval.

The only thing that matters to us, is that you would continue to choose us to rule over you; and in return, we will indulge all your heart’s desire.

We declare all religions to be right and good,

And we will make life easy and fun for you.

Who are we?

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