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Good Discrimination

The JudgmentDiscrimination is neither good nor bad. It all depends. For people who make up morality based upon their preferences, discrimination ebbs and flows based upon their latest morality creation. If they decide that sodomy is a good thing, then everyone opposed to sodomy is a discriminator. If they decide that child molestation is something they want to engage in, then all the traditionally minded folks are discriminating against the free choice of child molesters and their preferred prey. If they desire to kill unborn babies, then everyone who is against such, is discriminating against women’s right to choose. It is perfectly okay in their mind to insist on the expansion of the legitimization of all sorts of evil, and anyone who disagrees with them is either an old fogie, old fashioned, right-wing extremist, evangelical, domestic terrorist, etc. I speak authoritatively on behalf of Almighty God, that the Holy Bible is the standard for all morality. You can deviate from this standard if you wish, because of free-will given to humans by the Almighty; however, you have neither the right nor the power to change the CONSEQUENCES of your decision. If you choose rightly, then you will reap the blessings of rightness and if you choose wrongly, then you will reap the consequences of your wrongness. It is an eternal law written into the universe by the Great Creator and no amount of creating new moralities to suit yourself will change that. Let’s get real here. Virtually all laws passed by man are discriminatory. When speed limits are established, it is an act of discrimination. All the other speeds for that place and time are discriminated against. When a female sign is placed over a bathroom door, males are discriminated against for that place. It is designated for women only. The laws against theft discriminate against people who desire to take other peoples’ belongings from them. The laws against murder discriminate against those who hate someone so much, that they are willing to simply eliminate them for their own selfish interests. Of course there are legitimate pleas for relief from discrimination; however, there has grown a large chorus of ridiculous discrimination accusations from people who simply want their perverted lifestyles accepted by those who choose to live reasonably moral God-fearing lives. Almighty God is a discriminator; therefore, not all discrimination is bad. What the Almighty calls evil is unquestionably evil. What He defines as a wicked person is unquestionably a wicked person. I personally choose to stand with the Almighty and discriminate against what He discriminates against, and discriminate for what He discriminates for. I am not only living my life for the here and now, but primarily for eternity. Come what may, I choose to be pleasing in His sight in spite of the ridicule, lies, slander, malicious tales and vicious attacks from people, who feel somehow threatened by Evangelical Christians. I would much rather face the wrath of man, than to face the wrath of Almighty God. Whoever is reading this post, I plead with you to consider these truths and live. The Almighty will help you get it right if you will seek Him diligently.

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