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Marriage And The Philippines

Image result for images wedding and ministerAlmighty God founded the institution of marriage and He hates divorce; however, He allows divorce and remarriage for the cause of fornication.

In the Philippines, divorce is not an option because of the Catholic Church there. The Philippines does allow annulment.

Let me be clear here: when a man and a woman vow before Almighty God to stay together until death do us part, they are obligated before God to keep their life covenant.

Sadly, many spouses cheat on their mate. What about the spouse who did not cheat? Does the Almighty expect them to stay with the cheater? The short answer is no! There is nothing wrong with staying with a repentant cheater. Reconciliation is a good thing, if the cheater is willing to confess their sin and turn away from cheating.

It is not always so easy to reconcile with a cheating spouse. The trust issue looms very large and cannot be recovered easily. Again, it is okay biblically to divorce a cheating spouse and remarry, if you were faithful to them.

Matthew 19:9 says, “And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife and shall marry another commits adultery, EXCEPT because of fornication . . .”

But in the Philippines, the cost of an annulment is 150,000 – 300,000 Filipino Pesos. That is close to a years wages in the Philippines; therefore it is extremely difficult to get an annulment there. It is for these reasons, that “the Philippines are full of adultery”, as a Filipino once described to me.

So what is a person to do, whose spouse commits adultery against them, but they cannot afford an annulment? Unfortunately, the Catholic Church has left these people trapped in an almost impossible situation. Most Filipino spouses who have been cheated on, find themselves living and sleeping with someone they are not married to.

This is not a good situation. It is not right for the Catholic Church to cause these innocent people to sin. The Church MUST make a new arrangement, whereby people may divorce and remarry in the case of fornication. It is their duty.

Individual churches should agree to a type of arrangement, where the spouse who was faithful can announce publicly at church, that they are divorcing their spouse who cheated on them. They should write up a “Writing of Divorcement” and put it in the hand of their spouse who cheated on them. The individual Church should then announce that the Church supports this person’s God-given right to remarry if they so choose; as long as, they marry someone who is also free before Almighty God to marry. The Church should work very hard to make this arrangement in such a way that it causes minimal friction with government law.

The “Writing of Divorcement” could read something like this:

I  ____________(faithful spouse’s name), do hereby divorce you _____________(cheater’s name), for the reason of fornication. Before Almighty God and man I no longer consider myself married to you.

____________________________ (signature of the faithful spouse)




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Roe v. Wade Struck Down By High Court

Image result for images US Supreme CourtThere is NO LAW outside of Almighty God! It is God who put the sense of right and wrong into the heart of man. Roe v. Wade has always only been “Color of Law”, for it has absolutely no standing whatsoever in the court of heaven; in fact, Roe v. Wade has already been struck down by the high high court in heaven.

In Genesis, the first book of the Holy Bible, the Almighty gave Adam and Eve the first rule: Do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

After they ate the forbidden fruit, they hid themselves. Why did they hide themselves? They knew that God would be displeased, because they had disobeyed Him, and because they were afraid of the consequences.

Any legitimate law originates with Almighty God. On the authority of God’s word, it mattereth not that the Supreme Court of the United States has dressed abortion up in such a way as to make women feel secure and emboldened to engage in this evil. Almighty God’s law continues to stand: You shall do no murder. Proceed at your own risk.

Just because the courts redefine an unborn human infant as only a fetus, does not release Americans from God’s penalty for murder.

The Judgment Day is coming and who shall be able to dispute with God on that day? People need to stop being so short sighted and start realizing the importance of their standing in eternity.

Trust me on this: Roe v. Wade has never been recognized as legitimate in the court of Heaven. It is a vile rebellion against the Creator by careless, pompous, presumptive, arrogant, short-sighted souls.

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