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Liberals Are Hypocrites On Women’s Rights

Liberals allegedly blow the trumpet on women liberation, but it is a false blast, because they also openly support Islam. Islam is the single biggest threat to women’s rights in the USA.

#1. The forced wearing of the burqa and stringent dressing code  #2. Muslim men permitted to beat their wives  #3. Muslims can do a so-called “honor killing”, which usually involves killing a female for bringing shame on the family  #4. Muslim women bear the responsibility for being raped  #5. women may not refuse to enter into an arranged marriage?  #6. Muslim women are not allowed to be in a relationship that is not approved by the family?

These are not the only controversial parts of Islam against women. Why are liberals so supportive of bringing Muslims into the USA? The answer is this: liberals are hostile to YaHVeH and Christianity. Christianity and YaHVeH played the key role in the ascendancy of the United States of America on the world stage. Liberals are bitterly busy tearing down Christian values in the USA, and this hostility is compatible with Islamic hostility against Christianity. I am sure many will make a hasty denial and then excoriate me, but Islam and women’s rights are contradictory.

Proverbs 18:22, “He that finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtaineth favor of YaHVeH.

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