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Defend Your Life

images (16)In the Book of Luke chapter 22 you will find a very interesting passage. Christ had sent His disciples out two by two to do the work of the kingdom. He had sent them out with little more than the clothes on their back. He asked them if they had lacked anything. They replied, that they had lacked nothing. Then in verse 36 we find these words: “Then said He unto them, now he that has a purse let him take it, and likewise his scrip, and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.” He had sent them out the first time without various provisions, in order to show them, that He would take care of them; however, He now tells them, that they have to do their part in taking care of themselves. The part I want to talk about is the sword. Christ Himself is telling His disciples, that He wants them to take a weapon of defense with them. Isn’t that fascinating? The world in which we live is fraught with danger. There is an endless number of thieves and manslayers, and these evil people prey upon the weak and defenseless. They try to avoid any serious danger to themselves and so they prefer soft targets rather than potential victims who are armed against intruders. Christ is very aware of the danger that His disciples will face as they go forth to do His work; hence, He instructs them to take a weapon with them. He even says, that if they do not have such a weapon, that they should sell garments in order to have the money to buy a weapon.┬áChrist the Savior advocated self-defense with weaponry.

In America there is continued efforts to disarm the public. The argument is basically, if we take away everyone’s weapons, then we will not have killings. We are to leave weapons in the hands of the military and the police. Christ did not view it this way! He was concerned about His disciples’ safety; therefore, He directed them to be prepared to defend themselves. Stop and think about this for a minute. When a crime is committed, usually the criminals have already completed their crimes and are gone, by the time the police arrive. Since the criminals are already gone, there is absolutely nothing that the police can do to protect the victim. If the victim does not protect themselves, then they will be injured or dead. It is ludicrous to believe, that taking weapons from the general public will reduce crime. In the first place, criminals will continue to acquire weapons on the black market with which to carry out their crimes. With the general public disarmed, it only makes the job of criminals much easier. It sounds so good to eliminate weapons, but it does not work. As long as there is evil in the world, there will be a need for defensive weapons.

I can almost hear someone say, “Does it not say in the ten commandments not to kill?” The commandment they are talking about is in Exodus 20:13. If you study the word kill in this passage, it means “no murder”. There is a vast difference between “no killing” and “no murder”. To say that we cannot kill would include bringing death to anyone for any reason, but to say we cannot murder is very different. It is not wrong to kill someone who is attempting to kill you, or even to do you dreadful injury. We call this self-defense and it is perfectly moral. It is not wrong to kill someone, who you catch in the act of trying to kill someone else or who is causing great injury to them. It is not wrong for the government to execute a murderer. It is not wrong for soldiers defending their country to kill soldiers of another country who are attacking your nation. You see, it is not necessarily wrong to kill, but it is a grave sin to murder. I want you to know, that generally speaking Almighty God supports the right of the public to keep and bear arms. Christ Himself was preparing His own disciples to defend themselves with weaponry from would-be assailants. There is a second thing the general public needs to be concerned about. When government officials desire to disarm the public, they are also leaving the general public vulnerable to tyrants and despots, who desire to rule the people by force outside of any consideration for the law. This scenario has played out too many times down through history. Do I trust the government to act in my interests? NO! I do not trust them to act responsibly, when there is no restraint of the constitution staring at them over their right shoulder. Mankind is not basically good, but he is inclined to evil.

One more point here if I may. Israel showed incredible restraint for years, while rockets were being fired at them by their enemies and while tunnels were being dug to bring death to the people of Israel. Finally Israel acted in self defense of their own people, and wrought destruction upon the heads of Hamas. Israel was completely justified in doing so. Hamas hid behind the skirts of women and children for safety. Israel went out of their way to avoid collateral damage to the people of Gaza, while bringing destruction to Hamas. Any casualties among the Palestinian civilian population are the responsibility of Hamas and not of Israel. Gaza is in a shambles, because Hamas reaped what they had sown. Like I already said, Almighty God has written a law into the universe of the right to self defense.

You can believe me when I say, it is my and your duty to defend the lives of our families, the lives of the ones we love, the lives of the innocent and even strangers, and our very own lives. If you don’t have a sword, sell something of value to get money to go buy a weapon for your defense, whether it be a handgun or a shotgun or a knife or a sword, etc. Read it for yourself in Luke 22:36. Christ directed His own disciples to buy a sword with which to defend themselves and don’t let anyone tell you, that this is not what Christ meant. It is a passage that is easy to understand.

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