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Notoriously And On The Record

ShepherdHe is incredibly incredible, this Yahshua Jesus friend of sinners. He is astonishingly beautiful, of this my soul is well aware. He is always present in time of trouble and danger. He has rescued me again and again and again. Though my enemies have sought to do me great harm, they have utterly failed, because Almighty God sustains me. He leads me through difficult times in order to create in me a clean pure heart and to increase my trust in Him. Though He seems to have left me at times, He never left me one single time. As I survey the steps of my past, evidence of His unfailing presence manifests, though I knew it not at the time. He sprinkles my life with amazing blessings and provides for all my needs. Because I fear Him and have put my trust Him, I shall not be moved. Almighty God honors those who honor Him and treats those lightly that treat Him lightly. My soul boasts in YaHVeH my God. He is the greatest of the great. There is not a single god beside Him. He stands alone in omnipotent power. He allows His enemies to gain all the advantages until there seems to be no hope; and then, He roars forth in great momentous splendor, scattering the proud and the wicked like debris in a mighty wind. Who can rise up against Him and prosper? Who can say to Him? “Your ways are wrong and unjust”. He is unchanging. He is unfailing. He is the lover of my soul. He is the Great Redeemer. He is GOD alone. He is perfect in all His judgments. He is the lover of the down trodden. He is the avenger of the humble and the innocent. His justice is purposefully slow, because He prefers repentance and mercy; however, His justice is altogether warranted. His actions of love toward us far exceed any of his requirements of obedience or duty. Though He demands that we be willing to sacrifice our lives for Him, He has gone on before and died on the cross for us. There is no army, air force or navy that can stand before Him. Lucifer proudly resists Him, but his fate is sealed. Lucifer will be overthrown in a moment of time at the Almighty’s sole discretion. The proud and the haughty will be ashamed. YaHVeH will deal the enemies of Israel a crushing blow from which they will not recover. The rulers of this earth who propose and scheme to divide the land of Israel will not succeed in the long run and their foolishness will be uncovered. Though all the nations of the earth should gather together against Israel, they will suffer an incurable blow, because of YaHVeH’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants. The Almighty will thunder out of Zion. The Father of Yahshua Jesus the Savior will show mercy to ten thousands and will punish them that rebel against His WORD with an everlasting punishment. As for me and my house, we will serve YaHVeH. My mind is made up. My decision is final. I am a disciple of Yahshua Jesus now and for all eternity. I have cast in my lot with Him regardless of the consequences. And on that day when we all stand before Him in judgment, my sole defense will be this, “I do not deserve to be in your heaven, but I have staked all my future on faith in Christ my Savior”. There is a hope! There is life in Yahshua Jesus! There is power and cleansing in the blood of Yahshua Jesus! There is guidance and strength in the Holy Spirit! He who began a good work in me will continue it on to completion, not because I am good, but because He is good and always honors His word. I shout it out from the mountains to the uttermost parts of the earth, “I love Almighty God, because He first loved me”! I am proud to belong to Him! I am proud to be His servant! I do not deserve the least of His favor; and yet, He loves me anyway. I worship and praise YaHVeH my God. Let all the world know, that I belong to Him and He belongs to me! Notoriously and on the record, I CHOOSE HIM ! ! !

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