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images (2)He is a prophet of doom! He is so so negative! He is a right-wing fanatic! In the year of the Declaration of Independence 1776, people like me were your everyday sort of person. The people who settled this nation and made it great would be considered “right wing fanatics” nowadays. They were God-fearing, freedom-minded, hard-working, church-going, willing-to-die-for-what-they-believed-in people. They would be considered intolerant in today’s world. They would be considered politically incorrect. They believed that Christianity should be a way of life privately, publicly, politically, and otherwise. They did not believe that the public realm and government should be protected from Christianity, but neither did they believe in forcing a person to be a Christian. They were unashamed to call this “one nation under God”. They spoke of “nature’s God” and knew what that meant. The most important book in their homes was the Holy Bible. They prayed in public gatherings to the God whose Son is Yahshua Jesus. Politically and in government gatherings, it was openly acceptable to speak of Almighty God whose Son is Yahshua Jesus. My great great great great great grandfather died in the Revolutionary war along with many others in order that we could have this great liberty we enjoy. It is ludicrous that so many people today are completely out of step with what made America great. If the 13 colonies had been full of liberals and so-called progressives of today’s kind, the United States of America would have never been born, much lest conceived. The liberals and so-called progressives of today, generally speaking, do not fit the old definition of patriotic and are quite literally destroying the United States of America. The most puzzling phenomena of all time has infected them grievously and it is known as spiritual blindness. The root cause of spiritual blindness is ignorance and/or rejection of the truth. There is a multitude of evidence pointing to the existence of Almighty God. There is also a large large body of evidence that backs up the claims that Yahshua Jesus made about Himself. Call me a right wing fanatic if you like. Call me a prophet of doom if you like. One day it will all be over and we will stand before Almighty God on the judgement day and give an account of our lives. I for one do not want to stand there empty handed. I already have enough things to answer for and I don’t want to be guilty of producing no fruit. I hope you do not grow tired of the things I write about. I care about your soul and your eternal well-being. Those who know Christ, please stand firm in the faith and be spiritually productive for the sake of the Kingdom of Almighty God. Those of you who do not know Christ, He is only a prayer of repentance away. He loves you and invites you to join Him in His kingdom. Don’t worry, He will help you to live a life pleasing to Him, if you will only put your trust in Christ. May Almighty God bless you!

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