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Giant Man

images (24)A giant lives among us, and I will name him shortly. The ordinary everyday man or woman that lives in the United States today is a stranger to the sacrifice requirements of our nations early settlers. Compared to world standards, we Americans live in lavish luxury. I know what I am talking about here. I have traveled to third world countries more than once, and America has made some luxuries so common place, that we do not understand them to be luxuries. Owning and operating an automobile is a luxury. Owning a refrigerator is a luxury. Owning the type of clothes washing machines that most people have in the USA is a luxury, and owning a dryer with it is a real luxury. Having a water heater is a luxury and having the ability to pay the electricity bill for the water heater is a luxury. These are but a few and we have become spoiled rotten as my mother used to say. By these luxuries we have gained an incredible amount of free time. Some of this free time has been enjoyed in good and acceptable ways, but we have tended to become addicted to entertainment, pleasure, comfort and the like. These have tended to make us a people who no longer appreciate sacrifice, virtue, hard work, Godliness and the like. As a result, America’s production of great men and women is in danger of extinction; however, occasionally one will emerge as it were out of thin air. Judge Roy Moore is just such a man.

Judge Roy Moore is known as the “Ten Commandments judge. He received much national attention when he resisted attempts to force him to remove the Ten Commandments from the wall of his courtroom. He was also guilty of beginning court with prayer, as if that was a bad thing. Later Moore was convinced to run for Supreme Court Judge of Alabama, which he did, and won! As Chief Justice of Alabama, Moore played the key role of installing a 5200 pound granite monument in the Alabama Supreme Court building with inscriptions of quotes from various founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence, the National Anthem and the Ten Commandments. Judge Moore was then sued by several ungodly organizations to have the monument removed. Eventually the ungodly groups won a decision to have the monument removed, but Judge Roy Moore refused to remove it. As a result of that refusal, a complaint was filed directly against Judge Moore himself, and the Alabama Court of the Judiciary removed Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore from office. But this giant of a man Roy Moore was not done yet. Several years later in 2012 he once again ran for the office of Chief Justice of Alabama and once again won.

In his present term as chief justice, Roy Moore is once again at the center of controversy. A federal judge had the ungodly audacity to declare Alabama’s prohibition of homosexual marriage unconstitutional. As a result, some Alabama counties started issuing a marriage license to homosexual couples. Chief Justice Moore sent out an order that forbade county probate judges to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples, except in the specific case that was brought before the federal judge. Judge Moore is once again being pummeled by the anti-Christ crowd, that attacks everything that is holy.

I just want to say, regardless of the outcome of recent events concerning this case, Chief Justice Roy Moore is a giant among men. He is not that large in physical stature, but he is nevertheless a giant in courage, justice, fear of Almighty God and patriotism. He is the type of man that made America the great nation that it is. Without men like Roy Moore, this country would never have been founded, much less achieved the greatness it has enjoyed. With all the little cowardly men and women running around the United States of America these days, this nation will soon wind up on the ash heap of history like all the other nations and empires, who stopped recognizing Almighty God. Only if giants like Chief Justice Moore unite to save this nation will it survive as an exceptional and great nation.

One more thing if I may. There is a court in heaven presided over by Almighty YaHVeH, and all men and women, whether they be free or bond, or in positions of power or the common man, or heterosexual or homosexual, or wise or foolish, or traditional or progressive, or Democrat or Republican will stand before Almighty YaHVeH in judgment. These men include Barack Obama, Billy Graham, Pope Francis, Adolf Hitler, George Washington, Mickey McConnell, Buddha, Allah, Mohammed, Emporer Tojo, Genghis Khan, the Apostle Peter, Joseph Stalin, Moses, King David, King Ahab, Queen Jezebel, Adam, Eve, Pharaoh, Martin Luther and you. We will all answer to the High Court of Heaven presided over by Almighty YaHVeH. The people who are tearing down our country and altering it beyond recognition will stand before Almighty YaHVeH and explain their evil deeds and they will not escape, unless they repent while there is still time. The Holy Bible says, “The wicked will be turned into hell and every nation that forgets Almighty god.

I salute Chief Justice Roy Moore, who is a giant among men, and one to be emulated by all who respect and greatly awe Almighty YaHVeH. I want the world to know, that I fully support Roy Moore in his love for Christ, country, Godliness, justice, wisdom and understanding. I hope the rest of Christians in the USA will lend all their support to this incredibly fine (10)


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