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Political Islam Subterfuge Espionage

Islam is much more than a religion. Islam is a form of government. Islam uses military force to conquer other nations and Islam is colonial in nature. Islam is violently coercive.

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, Barack Obama, Josh Earnest and others do not seem to understand these things. To allow Islam to thrive in the United States because of religious freedom, opens the United States up to political espionage and subterfuge. My favorite presidential candidate has not been Donald Trump; however, he is the only candidate that has had the courage to identify the root of the problem and propose a solution.

Question: In the United States do we allow an alleged religious people to use religion as a cover to exploit all our freedoms, blessings and assets for their own benefit?  Do we allow the excuse of religion to open us up to political conquest? Do we allow the trickery of a religion to undermine our military? Do we allow the deceitfulness of Islam to conquer us from within? I AM SAD TO ANNOUNCE THAT THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS TAKING PLACE IN THE UNITED STATES EVEN AS I WRITE. Democrats and Republicans alike have been DUPED, SNOWED, SUCKERED, VICTIMIZED.

Is the freedom of religion more precious than the future safety of our children and grandchildren? Is the freedom of religion more important than the right to national security? Do not misunderstand me: I am in NO WAY saying that we do away with religious freedom. Christianity absolutely is no threat to the national security of the USA. Christians are the most patriotic people in America. Buddhism does not threaten the national security of the USA in the way Islam does. Judaism does not threaten the USA. Not even atheism or satanism threatens the USA in the way Islam does. Islam is a political arrangement masquerading as a legitimate religion AND IT DOES THREATEN THE NATIONAL SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

In the USA we have the wisdom to quarantine people with deadly communicable diseases until the danger is passed, but we do not have the wisdom to protect ourselves from political subterfuge that is an existential threat. Defeat awaits a people, who is not wise enough to identify the root cause of a threat and move decisively and overwhelmingly against it.

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