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download (11)Dixie is special. Dixie is unusual. There is a mind-set in Dixie that bothers much of the country. The South tends to be somewhat God-fearing. The South believes in guarding its rights under Almighty God, and this is reflected in Obama’s statement, “They cling to their guns and religion.” I make no apologies for the South, for it is the land I love so dearly. It is where I was born and have lived most of my life. What image can I use to most effectively make you think of the South? Well they have tried to take away the Confederate flag. It is the best image I can think of; and for me, it simply represents my home and way of life. I have chosen this image instead at Stone Mountain Georgia.

The South has a reputation of being full of rednecks; but just what is a redneck?The term redneck has evolved greatly. Many years ago my farmer grandfather wore a long-sleeved shirt to work in. It protected his white skin from the all-day hot sun. Of course, his neck was still exposed to the sun and it would get sunburned and then turn dark tan. If he took his shirt off, most of his skin was very white except on his neck, face and hands. He was a redneck. What is wrong with this? Nothing!

Redneck became a derogatory term. What is wrong with being a farmer from the South. As the descendant of a Southern farmer, I could make endless demands of the rest of the nation for this derogatory characterization, but wouldn’t that be a little silly? I am not ashamed to be the grandson of a true-to-life redneck.

As people moved to the cities and away from the farms, the term redneck did not go away. It seems that many city people look down on Southern country farmer type folk. Let’s be real here. The big urban progressives are hostile to not only Southern rural people, THEY ARE HOSTILE TO RURAL PEOPLE FROM THE NORTH AND FROM THE SOUTH, but I have news for you. The rural areas tend to be more God-fearing, than the big urban areas. Of course I am talking in generalities. There are God-fearing people everywhere you go; however, it is the large cities where you will find the most digressives. I have replaced the term progressives with the word digressives, because it is never progress to resist the ways of Almighty God.

Interestingly enough, the large Southern cities tend to be less digressive than the large Northern cities. Southerners tend to like their guns. The framers of the Constitution held to the same idea, that because governments tend to go rogue, they need a constant reminder of this privately held form of power. When governments succeed in removing weapons from the citizenry for whatever reason, it is then that tyrant-minded people realize they can control the masses with little fear of push-back.

The framers of the Constitution new about this rogue tyrannical power, because King George was such a tyrant. They wanted to protect America from tyrants. Obama is a tyrant-like person. He has run roughshod over the Constitution more than once, and you can believe he is weighing his options. The extremely important second amendment is a check and balance against such tyranny.images (20)

If a coupe d’ etat is ever attempted by Obama or any other ruler, then guns in the hands of the citizenry will make it quite difficult to complete any conquest. The U.S. citizenry has every right to resist tyrants and they have every right to keep and bear arms. Don’t believe any mumbo-jumbo, that it is not Christ-like to possess firearms. Christ Himself advocated self-defense. Luke 22:36

It is fascinating that the digressives seem to hate Southern rednecks. As a self-proclaimed Southern redneck, I am, generally speaking, a law-abiding citizen and I mostly just want to be left alone. I try to work hard enough to provide for the needs of me and my family and not be a burden to government. I try to get along with my neighbor and love my fellow man. I try to honor Almighty God. I am proud of being from the South. I am proud of my heritage. I am just as smart as any Ivy League sort and don’t mind saying so.

As far as Dixie is concerned, the people of Dixie/rural America have a better idea about what makes the world tick, than the breakers-away-from-Almighty-God. The digressives will bring about the demise of this nation if they are allowed to continue unchecked, because they are blind to the ways of life and genuine liberty. There is nothing exceptional whatsoever about progressivism. They do not realize, that if they really get their way, the sustaining grace of Almighty God will completely depart from the USA. When this happens, the digressives’ fake gods will run away as America collapses. Those digressive gods did not make America great, and they are only blood-sucking parasites that are unable to sustain anything.

I can tell you this: as a God-fearing man from rural America, I do not accept big liberal urban digressives ramming Godlessness down on rural America. I do not have to serve your gods of materialism, perversity, death, power-at-all-cost, laziness, truth-twisting and moral depravity. I will never bow my knees to your gods. You are the lawless ones forming laws out of thin air, that have no authority whatsoever. It is puny man’s attempt to supplant the Great Creator, whose very words are the foundation of any meaningful law.

I am still proud of Dixie and rural America. The Civil War has been over for 150 years. Every person reminding America of any bad that was connected to that era, needs to get over it! You are not helping anyone including yourself. 150 years is more than enough to bury the hatchet. LET IT GO!  The South and rural America is not inferior; quite to the contrary.  Urban America/Washington D.C. is rotten to the core, and trying to defile the rest of America.




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