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Pass Mandatory Gun Ownership Like Kennesaw Georgia

Get this: TERRORISTS DO NOT CHECK WITH THE AUTHORITIES BEFORE ARMING THEMSELVES! It is ludicrous to suggest, that we need to pass stricter gun laws. Stricter gun laws only make it harder for the people who would defend themselves.

It is a fact, that terrorists arm themselves regardless of whatever gun laws exist. Do you really think ISIS sympathizers care if we pass 1000 new gun laws? I guarantee you, that they could not care less. It only makes us look like a bunch of pansies. Quite frankly, it is very un-American. Yes you heard me right and I will repeat it: It is very un-American.

Kennesaw, Georgia passed a law in 1982 requiring each household to own one firearm and also ammunition for this firearm. The vote was unanimous. The law was passed to make Kennesaw and the people who live there more safe. IT WORKED! The crime rate went down 89% and remained low.

I consider myself to be a decent patriotic citizen, who cares about the well-being of my country and those around me. It is ILLOGICAL to disarm the citizenry! If I were a criminal; I would love for the government to ban firearms. It would make my life and criminal career much easier.

In light of recent terrorist attacks in the USA, Americans should do exactly the opposite of what President Obama is saying. Cities and states and even the federal government should show compassion to the citizens by making it very easy to possess firearms. They should encourage the public to practice their shooting skills until they are quite capable. There will always be criminals until the end of time and no amount of psychiatry will  change that. One thing a criminal understands very well, is the distinct sound of a gun being cocked in the middle of the night. Guns turn would-be victims into victors.

The government was created to be a terror to evil works and not a terror to good works (Romans 13:3). Any ruler that does not terrorize felony criminals is not fit to be a ruler. Any ruler that makes it more difficult for the citizenry to defend themselves, is also not fit to be a ruler.


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