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Obama’s America

e6926621-e865-4d0c-853e-36fb646f4f1d             National Guard troops on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina

This is the result of President Obama’s actions as president. Instead of helping his fellow Blacks across America, Obama has agitated some of them into a violent rage. Obama is NOT a man of peace.

Get ready for more soldiers in the streets of America. Lawlessness is the ascending mindset of many, and lawful restraint is being thrown aside. Beings in high places are looking to overthrow law and order, as they flood America with godless ideology. The ugliness of it all is gaining momentum right before our eyes.

There is a magnetic attraction between lawless Islam and disenchanted Blacks. Violent-political-Islam offers an outlet for the seething anger that is being manifested, and threatens to bring a bloodbath to our streets. It is a very contrary mindset to the “Kingdom of Almighty God”.

Christ advocated self-control, peace, and  safe-guarding the innocent, while Islam advocates lawless violent activity against whoever is not Muslim.

Blessings are upon the head of the just, but violence covers the mouth of the wicked.


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