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Obama Far Worse Than Benedict Arnold

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Obama And Biden Meet With National Security Leaders At The White House

Obama regularly gives aid and comfort to America’s enemies. If Obama had lived in 1780 and did half the things he is doing now, then he would be hung on the town square every day for a month.   The reason he gets away with it, is because millions of Americans have betrayed America. They have condoned his treason and are not worthy to be called Americans.

The list of Obama’s aid-and-comfort-to-the-enemy is so long, that you have to willingly ignore it to not be infuriated. If America continues to ignore Obama’s treason, then it might as well revisit Benedict Arnold’s legacy and change it to “Benedict Arnold: Patriot of the United States of America.” Obviously, treason is no longer a serious matter in the USA; therefore, Obama can violate his oath of office to “protect and defend” with impunity. A nation this careless will fail in the near future.



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