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Does Pope Francis Accuse Almighty God?

Does Pope Francis know what the Holy Bible says about homosexuality? Does Pope Francis really believe that politicians should not say anything against homosexuality, based on his public words this week? Does Pope Francis really believe, that politicians speaking-out against homosexuality are a part of a culture-of-hatred?

Ummmmmm. Huh?

The very first thing anyone should do, in considering what is bad or good, is ask one simple question: What does Almighty God think about this? So let us ask the question.

Question:  What does Almighty God think about homosexuality?

Answer:  The Almighty burned Sodom and Gomorrah down to the ground with fire and brimstone out of heaven, because it was completely overrun with homosexuality. Almighty God also calls homosexuality an abomination. (Genesis 18:20-32 and Ezekiel 16:50)

Since the Creator calls homosexuality abomination; we too should call it abomination. Since Pope Francis seems to consider words like these to be coming from a culture-of-hatred, does he not realize, that the Creator hates homosexuality? Is he not in essence accusing the Almighty of hate-speech?

Not even Pope Francis may arrogate to himself the liberty to usurp Almighty God’s words to make his own law. No pope is above Almighty God.

Sin is still sin people. God still hates sin vehemently and sin brings death. Because God did not want to destroy man; He sacrificed His only Son in our place, so that we could be ransomed in full unto eternal life.

Pope Francis is right, that Almighty God loves homosexuals. But Almighty God never approves of homosexuality and demands that homosexuals repent and turn away from this abomination with His help.


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