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Muslim Colonial Occupiers

Is it Muslims or Moslems or Mohammedans? When I was growing up, they were called Moslems or Mohammedans. Regardless of what you call them, they are followers of Mohammed. Mohammed was a political leader and a religious leader. Muslims/Moslems follow a political system and a religious system.

Modern Muslims/Moslems create colonies by moving into a host country. They lie low until they can migrate enough people to the host country, while breeding even more Muslim/Moslem babies into the population. They strive to be somewhat tolerant and pleasing to their hosts especially in the beginning. They are careful not to manifest their future intentions of hostility and conquest.

Once they have become a significant part of the population, then they start agitating against the host nation and using the laws of the host nation against the host nation. They seek for any advantage that can be gained and by any means available. Morality is not necessary in their quest to domestically conquer the host nation. Lying and deception are acceptable means to them in usurping existing authority.

When the time becomes ripe, the occupying Muslims/Moslems put in place Sharia Law anywhere they can. They strive to gain elected office and national standing. They aggressively push their religion of Islam with any and all deception, falsely selling it as a peaceful and loving religion. Also, they aggressively start creating chaos through suicide bombings, beheadings, executions, honor killings, etc.

The host nation becomes weaker and weaker and the Muslim/Moslem occupiers become stronger and stronger through growing numbers and intimidation. The colonial occupiers will take over peaceably if possible, but armed insurrection is perfectly acceptable to them. If the host nation shows signs of weakness, then it is only a matter of time before they are conquered.

Koran 19:88-92 clearly demonstrates Mohammed hostility against Christianity. The Koran repeatedly makes hostile statements about Jews and Christians. The Muslim/Moslem colonial occupiers are bent upon world conquest and they know it. Host nations are very naive, stupid and ignorant to their devices and the careless ones that let down their guard easily fall prey to their incremental conquest.

Thanks to the group “The Holy Bible” and all the others that view my posts. Almighty God bless you as we honor the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Yahshua Jesus the Messiah.


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