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Illegal Immigration Solved

Related image                    This is a crowded ship of soldiers going home after World War II.

A favorite “cause”  for liberals is using the courts to force the acceptance of illegal immigrants into the United States. They have been somewhat successful in preventing the Trump administration from stopping the flow of illegal immigrants.

I have a solution to this problem. The liberals say that we cannot deport illegal aliens, so the Trump administration should work around this hindrance. Instead, illegals who succeeded in crossing the Mexican border into the USA should be put immediately onto large ships by the thousands and transported quickly to the State of Hawaii and just turn them loose there.

Hawaii is basically a liberal state anyway, so the Hawaiians would obviously be happy to accommodate illegal aliens. The illegal aliens would not be allowed to leave Hawaii until their illegal status was satisfactorily settled, but they would be free to make a raft to sail to the mainland, if they chose to do so.

This strategy could not be called deportation, for Hawaii is one of the 50 U.S. states. The illegals would be free to work in the state of Hawaii and corporations and businesses would be free to hire them.

Any illegal alien that preferred an alternative could choose instead Puerto Rico or Unalaska, Alaska. Perhaps the nation of Australia could also be an option, if the Aussies were willing to let the illegal aliens settle their sparsely populated Outback.

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