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Year Of Jubilee Amona Israel

Israel’s Biblical “Year of Jubilee” is the solution for Amona outpost. Leviticus chapter 25 declares, that each 50th year, every man is to be returned to his possession. Even if a man were to let out his land to another, it still returns back to him in the “Year of Jubilee”. In the Torah there is ABSOLUTELY NO PROVISION for the so-called Palestinians to retain any portion of the Land of Israel, that Almighty YaHVeH gave to Israel.

Not only does the Land of Israel belong to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob forever, but each tribe has a certain region of Israel that belongs to them. The families of each tribe are to possess the lands of their tribe.

For example: If the Amona outpost lies within the region of the tribe of Benjamin, then families of the tribe of Benjamin would once again take possession of Amona from WHOEVER is living there on the “Year of Jubilee”, because YaHVeH gave it as an everlasting possession. International Law of the United Nations never supersedes the “Law of Almighty YaHVeH” and is always inferior; therefore, this would be a perfectly legal solution.

Israel should pass a modern law recognizing its own Torah Law concerning “Year of Jubilee” in Leviticus. Subsequently, Israel should apply Israeli law to Amona. Lands in Israel MUST ALWAYS revert back to the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


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