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2 Greatest Events In The History Of The World

A common young virgin Jewish woman was singled out to carry the Son of God in her womb for nine months. Christ was conceived in Mary’s womb by a supernatural transformation of His divinity in taking upon Himself humanity. This transformation was spotless and undefiled. It absolutely did not diminish His divinity in any way; and yet, He took upon Himself human frailties. Mary was still a virgin when Christ was born, Oh, the wonder of it all. The act of Almighty God becoming a man is astonishingly breathtaking. This is the first of the two greatest events in all the history of the world.

His birth took place in an animal stable and He was laid in a feeding trough. He experienced hunger. He sucked his mother’s breasts for nourishment just like any other baby. He had bowel movements and dirtied His diapers. He learned how to walk. He played with other children. He grew up physically. He subjected Himself to the authority of His parents. He worked with Joseph in the carpenter’s shop, sweating and toiling. The only begotten Son of God humbled Himself for our benefit. He left the majesty and splendor of heaven to become like you and me. He left His beloved Father in heaven to literally walk on this physical earth among us: Emmanuel, God with us.

The second of the two greatest events in human history is this: Yahshua Jesus followed through with the Father’s plan of redemption by giving Himself into the hands of sinful man to be crucified. The chief priests and elders of the Jews placed Him on trial and condemned Him to death. The Roman governor Pilate turned Him over for crucifixion. Christ willingly laid down on the cross to which He was nailed in agony. He died and descended into the lower parts of the earth. After three days He arose from the dead. The resurrection is the greatest event in time and eternity.

Death is incredibly powerful. Damnation was despairingly inevitable. There was no hope for the future of men, BUT Almighty God excels in the impossible! Who could ever imagine, that Almighty God would rescue us from eternal damnation by dying Himself? There is nothing greater in the universe than Almighty God. Death did not stand a chance. Christ blasted through the power and hopelessness of death and the grave to restore sinful man to life, to all who would place their faith and confidence in Him.

Let me tell you something: I am not ashamed of the gospel. I am not ashamed to be called a Christian. I am very proud to be numbered with the saints of Almighty God. My life belongs to Him. All I am and ever hope to be is His to do whatever He wants to do with it. My dear friends in Christ, there are not enough Muslim beheaders in all the earth to keep us out of heaven and from eternal life. We have absolutely nothing to fear as we trust in HIM. He will walk by our side to the very end and will carry us safely across the great divide into His presence. Be strong in the faith. Memorize and rehearse the promises again and again and again; for in doing so, your confidence will grow. We win in the end and there is nothing Satan can do about it. HalleleuYaH! and Merry Christmas!

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