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Greatest Of All Hopes

download (1)All humanity hopes for one single thing above all else, because one single most fearful inevitability stalks even the strongest of the strong. Yonder in the distance it looms menacingly ….. silently …… threateningly. Every religion on earth exists for the sole purpose of bringing precious relief from this intimidating adversary. The name of this bloodthirsty villain is Death.

He visits every human when the time is right and not before. He is restrained only at the Almighty’s pleasure. He is no respecter-of-persons and desires to have us all. He visits the righteous as well as the unrighteous. He visits the rulers as well as the ruled. He visits the wealthy as well as the poor. He visits the intellectual as well as the common man. He visits the religious as well as the secular. He visits the celebrity as well as the commoner.

He will knock on your door one day, and you will answer the door. He will knock on my door one day, and I will answer the door. He is unemotional. He is resolute. He is diligent. He is never guilty of dereliction of duty. He is never angry and he never smiles. He performs his duty flawlessly to perfection. He presses ever forward to make that divine appointment with each and every soul.

Death visited Mohammed on June 8 in the year of our Lord 632. Mohammed is still in the grave. Death visited Buddha approximately 544 years before Christ and he is still in the grave. Death visited Alexander the Great approximately 323 years before Christ and he is still in the grave. Death visited Julius Caesar in March, 44 years before Christ, and he is still in the grave. Death visited George Washington December 14, in the year of our Lord 1799, and he is still in the grave. Death visited Elvis Presley on August 16, in the year of our Lord 1977, and he is still in the grave.

Death visited Yahshua Jesus in the year of our Lord 33, BUT He is no longer in the grave, because He arose from the grave three days later. Many hundreds of eyewitnesses saw Him alive. Some even touched His physical body, proving to themselves, that He was truly alive and not just a spirit.

The only person to ever live, predict His own death, predict His own resurrection three days later, and then physically rise from the dead is Yahshua Jesus; therefore, He is the only one to have lasting power over death. You can follow whatever religion you choose, but only Yahshua Jesus has personally faced death head-on and conquered him; consequently, it is not logical to follow anyone else. No one else can offer eternal life to you, because no one else has conquered death.

The greatest of all hopes is to live forever in a state of eternal blessing. Yashua Jesus is the only person who can grant you eternal life, blessed be His name forevermore!

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