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Democrat Harlotry

download (23)The Democrat Party belongs to Satan. As a “preacher of righteousness”, I proclaim to you, that the Democrat Party in its present form and Christianity are completely incompatible. Am I trying to promote the Republican Party? NO! The Republican party is in it’s own bitter struggle with the gates of hell for its very soul, and the Democrat party prostituted itself to Satan many years ago.


The Democrat Party openly supports the sexual behavior of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Democrat Party openly supports the extermination of unborn human babies. The Democrat Party supports the wicked organization known as “Planned Parenthood”. Liberals/Progressives support stripping American Civilization and society of everything Christian. She is the “princess of sloth”. She incentivises laziness and punishes productivity. The Democrat Party is nothing more than a harlot, and will spread herself to anyone for a vote. She promises welfare and gifts in large amounts to anyone who will go to bed with her. She careth not for principle. To her, the end justifies the means and the Constitution is an outdated document that can be trampled whenever it gets in the way.


The Holy Bible speaks clearly about spiritual fornication. The Almighty purposefully compares being unfaithful to Him, to a wife being unfaithful to her husband. If you don’t believe me, read Ezekiel 16.images (34)

Satan seduced the Democrat Party with the temptation of worldly power, and she spread herself wide to receive him. Through Satan’s lover (the Democrat Party), Satan has been able to take control of the majority of the U.S. government. She has become not only Satan’s lover, but now she is his servant-girl. She does his bidding at a mere wink and a nod. Ancient Israel fell prey to this very same spirit many centuries ago and now the United States of America shares her bed with him. There will be hell to pay and we are already paying it.

Wake up America! I can almost hear someone even now making a mockery of what I have written, but I am not surprised. That is what they did to the prophets in ancient Israel. Be careful to heed the words of the man of God, who seeks to preserve souls for the Kingdom of Almighty God.

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