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7 Things Wise Leaders Would Not Do In The War On Terror

images (12)#1  Wise leaders would know that the vast number of terrorists are Muslims and that the goal of Islam is to take over the world. Wise leaders would never trust Muslims, Islam or anything remotely related to them.

#2  Wise leaders would not allow the immigration of Muslims to their country.

#3  Wise leaders would not permit the building of new mosques, for this is where the violent doctrines of Muslims are advanced. This is also the perfect place to hide weapons. For the safety of the public, existing mosques would be destroyed.

#4  Wise leaders would never allow Islam into their country. Islam is not only a religion, but it is also a political system. The wise thing to do would be to outlaw Islam as an existential threat.

#5  Wise leaders would never make a treaty of any sort with Muslims, because the religion of Islam allows a Muslim to lie and break agreements, if doing so advances the cause of  Islam.

#6  Wise leaders would not fail to use profiling as a tool to discover possible enemies in their country, and anyone fitting the description of Arab or Muslim would be a potential suspect.

#7  Wise leaders would refuse the practice of Sharia Law in their country; furthermore, they would not allow Muslims to use the laws of their nation to undermine and destroy their nation.

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