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Prepare To Defend Your Family

The duty of a man is to protect his family. ISIS, Al-Qaeda and others are making good on their promise to bring death to our shores. President Obama and many other world leaders are AWOL (absent without leave). It is their duty to protect the people they serve; however, Obama has stood by, nay, even created an atmosphere of danger among us.

While the jihadis endanger Americans, Obama and his supporters are busy allowing more jihadis into the country AND busy in their attempt to make it more difficult for us to buy self-defensive firearms. This has created an emergency situation in the USA. Americans have no alternative but to prioritize the safety and security of their own families, for the government protectors are not protecting us. Another 14 Americans were gunned down in San Bernadino, California by a person who allegedly was subjected to an intensive screening/vetting process? I want you to notice, that the police and the government did not save these people’s lives. People in other parts of the world are being killed by the same misguided infidels and should take their own self-defense seriously. You better give this some thought.

#1. Buy at least one firearm(s) if you do not own one. #2. Buy ammunition for your firearm(s). #3. Train all the capable members of your family to safely use the firearm(s) with deadly force to prevent the killing of those in your household. #4. Keep the firearm(s) quickly available for the defense of your family and home. #5. Know your enemy. Train your family to be very observant and vigilant when they are away from the home. With ISIS openly threatening to kill Americans, your family members should keep an eye on anyone who fits the profile of a Muslim and the religion of Islam. At school, at work, on the streets, at the grocery store, at government facilities, at public events . . . . . everywhere watch what people are doing and be prepared for sudden, out-of-the-ordinary developments that turn threatening. #6. As they teach you in defensive driving courses, train your family to be prepared for a-way-of-escape and for what-you-would-do-if.

This is the American way and it is biblical as well. (Luke 22:36) We do not cower in the corner and hope for the best; we send our assailants to the after-life if necessary.

The objective of all of this is to not be caught off guard by the ones who hate your society and way of life. At this moment in time, the present administration does not take your safety and security seriously, so you must do if for yourself. Do not seek to harm anyone who is not threatening you, and be prepared to visit death and destruction upon whomever would seek your extinction. If you love your family, then protect it.

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