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USA Fallen

downloadThe mighty United States of America is fallen is fallen and has become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit. The once moral nation has fallen from its high place of righteousness. We still try to lecture the world about right and wrong, but it is no wonder that so few are taking us seriously any more. Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia seems to be more of a moral man than the American president named Barack Obama. At least Putin realizes that sodomy is a bad thing, but that did not keep leaders of the United States from lecturing him on the subject and from pressuring leaders all over the world to embrace the Sodomite agenda. We have lectured the world about the right of women to an abortion. This is the new-found morality of our nation. Doesn’t it sound so wonderfully moral? that a woman has a right to do what she wants with her own body, even if it means ridding her womb of her own child conceived by consentual sex? Our leaders try to lecture Israel concerning using overwhelming firepower against Hamas. This is completely ludicrous! Overwhelming firepower is a strategy the United States has employed on more than one occasion and it is a very basic and effective principle in war. It is moral for the United States to use overwhelming firepower to subdue its enemies, but it is wrong for Israel to use the same tactic? The leaders of our country and of the world, who are attacking Israel for using overwhelming fire power against Hamas, are pathetically out of touch with reality. The United States used to applaud hard work and getting a piece of the American dream, but now it applauds the plundering of the working class by the lazy crowd who syphon off their hard earned gain. The United States used to openly worship Almighty God whose Son is the mighty Yahshua Jesus, but now they slander and vilify the very kind of Christian people who made this country great in the first place. The list here is very long so I will not continue with examples.

When I hear our nation’s leaders lecturing other countries about some perceived moral deficiency, I am ashamed and embarrassed. We are no longer a moral nation; in fact, we have become an immoral nation and are increasingly a moral liability to the peoples of the world. Our leaders have no right to lecture the rest of the world, when we are just as immoral as they are. America’s conscience has been seared with a hot iron and can no longer be trusted. The only way out of this jam in which we have placed ourselves is to turn back to the Creator from whence we have fallen. There is still time to confess our sins and be restored, but this requires humility. I hope that we will repent, but I have sincere doubts that it will happen. We have become a very proud and stubborn people. Now that we are the world’s superpower and now that we are so wealthy and prosperous, we have forgotten the source of our strength. Almighty God is a jealous God. He talks about spiritual adultery in His word. Physical adultery is a perfect comparison here. If any normal man or woman’s mate starts flirting with another or having sexual relations with another, they have feelings of jealousy. It is normal and right to feel jealousy at a time like this. Well, Almighty God feels jealousy when we flirt with another god or have intimacy with another god. Don’t tell me that this is weird. It is perfectly normal and I assure you that the Almighty is feeling very jealous concerning the United States. From its inception this nation was God-fearing. During that time the Almighty poured immeasurable blessings upon us. We became the envy of the whole world, because of all these lavish blessings. But then something happened. We came to believe that we made ourselves great. Oh yes, Almighty God is very jealous of our spiritual adultery. His patience and mercy do not extend out there forever. He longs for our repentance and restoration, but He is also a jealous God. We have pushed the limits to the brink and there will be hell to pay, if we do not turn from our wicked ways. If we are not willing to turn from our own fallen ways, we should at least stop pointing the finger at other nations. We no longer possess the moral authority to do so. Isaiah 5:20, “Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Did you get that? Our modern politicians take the darkness of sodomy and put it as enlightenment, and the light in the Holy Bible that plainly calls sodomy sin is put as darkness. They take the sweetness of liberty and capitalism, and make it bitter with forced redistribution of wealth. While it is right and good to help the poor; it is an evil thing to punish the hard worker and reward the lazy. They crush every incentive to work and encourage slothfulness. They call these evil things good. Woe Woe Woe to the once great nation for sin upon sin upon sin. We will not escape Almighty God’s justice.


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