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France’s President Macron Confused

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President Emanuel Macron said that nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism, that they are exact opposites. Whaaaaat? Sir, you seem to be confused.

Just to be sure it was not I that is confused; I looked up both words. I was right; they are synonyms. They mean virtually the same thing. Both have to do with a deep love for one’s country. Perhaps President Macron meant, that nationalism is a betrayal of globalism.

Globalism basically abandons principle in the search for “peace at all costs”. I have news for world leaders: there are some things that are worth fighting for. “Peace above all” is for timid souls, who are unconcerned with the One Who made heaven and earth.

Imagine a world that gives murderous Islam its way, because we want them to stop killing people. Pathetic! Imagine weakening our principles just to get along with Communists, and all in the name of “no war”. Imagine compromise with dictators, who care nothing for their people and are all about promoting their selves. Now there is a world that is putrifying!

In such a world, we can all hold hands and rock back and forth to the music of “I have no backbone and am willing to sacrifice all that is holy.” In such a world, nothing is special. In such a world, the line between good and evil has been blurred so badly, that govil is the new desire of nations: we all live and then lay down in the dust without any meaning or hope of anything better. How very dull.

Lucifer, hater of nations, does exist. Going into denial will never change this reality. Because Satan exists, there is a wrecking phenomena designed to undermine the Creator’s creation. There is also the “power of choice”, that has been granted to all people for the sole purpose of choosing sides: you can either follow the Creator and His Son, or you can follow the destroyer. War is inevitable BECAUSE, stopping evil requires blood sacrifice.

So Mr. Macron, you obviously do not understand, that globalism is worthless. On the face, world peace (aka globalism) seems noble, but we see by close examination, it is nothing more than appeasing the destroyers of everything good. I personally want nothing to do with such a world. I choose the Creator and His Son every time.

Globalism is the betrayal of Almighty God period!


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Hamas Spoiling For War With Israel

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And they will have it no other way.

Months of incendiary kites, massive rioting along the Israeli border every weekend, breaches of the security fence, more tunnel building, and more rockets fired into Israel are undeniable signs that Hamas is once again ready to test the balance of power.

They deny, that they want war with Israel, but actions speak louder than words. To the chagrin of the Palestinians, Israel continues to flourish like a rose in the desert and they must be stopped at all costs.

The single constant in this bizarre equation is Islamic hatred for anything Jewish and the preferred national Palestinian pastime is dreaming of killing Israel. All lies and false accusations are on the table.

If an Israeli dies, then it has been a good day in the minds of Palestinians. If no mayhem breaks forth in Israel, the Palestinians go into deep depression, for mayhem against Israel is what defines them.

Gaza still lies in ruins from the last war with Israel, but no matter; as long as, they can shed more Israeli blood. The hateful blood-lust fuels weird new ways to somehow exact a price from the Israelis, who must be stopped from going on their merry way through life.

Israel is compelled to go on the offensive. The conflict-loving Palestinians only understand a crushing iron fist that completely leaves them bleeding profusely on the battlefield with fear of losing more than they did last time. Then and only then, they rush to the world in desperation for an agreement to end the fighting, just like last time.

Oops. They failed to drive Israel into the sea again, as they boasted they would do. They slyly use the peace agreement to allow their wounds to heal and to restock their weapon stores. When they have whined enough to the gullible Europeans and others, they will agitate for the next conflict.

In the mean time, the strange Palestinians gloat at the outrage they have caused over the deaths of their own civilian women and children, that they were able to get killed in the conflict. They smile wickedly at how they were able draw Israeli fire into hospitals and homes and schools, where they had staged their military operations for that very purpose.

They spew their propaganda of how their crushing defeat is really a victory. Deep down they are severely embarrassed and confused by the size of their losses. They were so sure that the fallen angel Allah would give them victory this time. They rush back to the wallow where seething hatred slowly but surely works them into their next frenzy for war.

Why is the world so stupid as to believe these Islamic lies from the pit of hell?

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