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Iranian Liars And Al-Taqiyya

Iran speaks loudly of wiping Israel off the map, and then looks the world straight in the eye and says that their massive nuclear program is peaceful.

Iran sits on 158 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, and looks the world straight in the eye and says that their nuclear program is for helping them produce energy?

Iran threatens retaliation for sanctions placed against it, but looks the world straight in the eye and denies any involvement in the sabotage of 4 ships in oil shipping lanes.

Iran test fires all kinds of missiles, but looks the world straight in the eye and denies that it is any way connected to their massive nuclear program.

Iran hates Saudi Arabia passionately and openly, but looks the world straight in the eye and denies that they had anything to do with blowing up half of Saudi Arabia’s oil output in a massive attack.

These are only a few of Iran’s bold-faced lies. The Islamists of Iran have mastered the art of al-Taqiyya: Islam’s skillful use of lying for the purpose of advancing Islam. It is an effective weapon-of-war. Google al-Taqiyya and see for yourself.

Iran absolutely cannot be trusted! You can expect them to deceive. Allah cannot be trusted, for lying is a part of his stratagem. You CAN EXPECT, that if the Iranian leadership says something, it is very likely a bold-faced lie. Imagine a religion built upon lies. Islam.





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Holy Bible Superior & Here’s One Reason Why

See the source imageAllah is not omniscient and he does not know the future; except to the extent, that he knows the Holy Bible of Christianity. You know why? Because he is not Almighty God. He is merely a fallen angel. The same is true about Buddha, The Hindu gods, Atheism, etc.

If Allah had been bold enough to fill the Koran with prophecy, then it would have been obvious that Islam is a false religion, because prophecy after prophecy would have been proven wrong, thus exposing Islam for what it really is. Allah had to convince his followers, by other means. Therefore I submit to you, that Islam is a false religion. Allah IS NOT omniscient!

YaHVeh is the God of the Christians and Jews and He is omniscient. Micah 5:2 is a prophecy inspired by YaHVeH to the Hebrew prophet Micah foretelling Bethlehem as the birth place of Messiah.  Some 700 years later; JesusMessiah was born in Bethlehem.

YaHVeH inspired the Hebrew prophet Isaiah to write Isaiah 53 about the suffering, death, and burial of Messiah. This prophecy was fulfilled over 700 years later, when Jesus was beaten, tortured, crucified and buried.

The Hebrew Prophet and Messiah, Jesus, prophesied in John 2:19, that He would be resurrected back to life three days after His death. Christ indeed rose from the dead on the third day and showed Himself to His disciples by many infallible proofs.

Over 60 major prophesies concerning Messiah all came true exactly as foretold by the Hebrew prophets.

The Holy Bible is filled with many many prophesies and not one single one of them has ever been proven false. The simple obvious reason is, that the One Who inspired the Holy Bible is indeed omniscient and He is indeed the One True God!

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