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Obama The Infringer Terminator

President Obama is actively abusing the Constitution of the United States and this is how.

Notice the first words of the 2nd amendment. “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA BEING NECESSARY TO THE SECURITY OF A FREE STATE, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”  Also notice the word “free”. The founding fathers carefully worded the 2nd Amendment. In order for a FREE state to remain free, a militia is necessary. The founding fathers had vast experience with a tyrannical government, and they new that would-be tyrants are only restrained by a well-armed citizenry. A government is always in danger of going rogue, if there is not a well-armed citizenry guarding jealously over their freedoms.

Let us not be fools in believing, that the United States could never be taken over by tyrants. Human nature is the same all over the world throughout human history. From time to time, a very capable and gifted individual will have the urge to seize control. Without proper checks to such ambition, every nation on earth is in danger of being overrun by these control freaks. Firearms in the hands of the citizenry are a necessity to remaining free.

True, each individual has the right to protect himself and others with deadly force. True, an armed citizenry serves as a stubborn deterrent to any foreign power defeating us. ASTONISHINGLY, the 2nd amendment was crafted PRIMARILY for the purpose of keeping our own government honest, and therein lies the rub. Barack Obama cries crocodile tears over domestic violence in a disingenuous effort of recruiting the public to infringe upon the right of the people to keep themselves free from tyrants. Many people foolishly believe, that taking away the guns for the sake of reducing domestic violence is more important than maintaining a strong citizen deterrent to a coupe d’ etat. The fact of the matter is this: until the Constitution of the United States is legally amended to alter the 2nd Amendment, IT IS ILLEGAL TO TAKE AWAY THE GUNS OF THE CITIZENRY PERIOD!

This is why I called Obama an infringer. He is criminally violating his oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution and is instead infringing upon our right to keep and bear arms against a coupe d’ etat. A large percentage of the public are blind ENABLERS of this dangerous man. A man with this sort of unconstitutional audacity most definitely possesses the potential to attempt a coupe d’ etat. Whether he will or not remains to be seen. It is not clear at this point, that he could pull it off; therefore, it may never happen. Whatever you do, keep your powder dry and keep your eyes and ears open for any signs of Obama the Terminator.

Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, but when the wicked bear rule the people mourn.”


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