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Turkey’s Erdogan Drags NATO Into World War 3?

President Putin of Russia will not forget about Turkey shooting down his warplane. In fact, Russia has already levied tough sanctions against Turkey. Putin demanded an apology from President Erdogan of Turkey and Erdogan refused. Watch two stubborn wills collide and consider.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an extreme Islamist. He brazenly and overtly sided with the Palestinians against Israel, forcing an awkward situation for Israel and the United States. He seeks to be a type of strongman in Turkey, if not caliph of the revived Islamic Ottoman Empire. He isĀ at odds with Kurdish people. The Turkish air force has flown its warplanes across the border into Syria violating Syrian airspace, but then shoots down a Russian warplane for allegedly violating Turkish airspace? Have mercy!

Turkey also belongs to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and thus is an ally of the United States. The interests of Turkey and the interests of the United States are not the same. It appears that Turkey is emboldened by its relationship with NATO, and uses it as a cover to agitate in the region. With tensions rising steeply between Turkey and Russia, Muslim Erdogan is playing with fire of the worst sort, knowing that it could spark a disastrous conflict between Russia and the United States. What happens between the United States and Russia is not Erdogan’s greatest concern. He is Muslim through and through and he is not loyal to NATO or the United States. He is more concerned with furthering the cause of Islam and the fallen angel Allah.

The time has come for NATO to kick Turkey out of its organization. Turkey is no where near the North Atlantic Ocean anyway. Erdogan is very likely playing NATO to advance his aspirations as leader of the Muslim world. The tensions in the Middle-East are already near the breaking point and the United States could easily be dragged into a conflict by the careless foolishness of Erdogan. At the very least, the United States should warn Erdogan, that NATO is for the common defense and not to further the expansionist cause of Turkey and Islam. If Turkey agitates itself into an unnecessary war, the United States should not back them up.


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