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Turkey, Iran, Ethiopia, Libya Armies Die On Mountains Of Israel


In the Book of Books, the Holy Bible, the Holy Spirit of YaHVeH reveals a startling thing. Ezekiel 38:8, 16 reveals that the events of this passage will be in the “latter years”, “latter days”. Notice Ezekiel 38:8, 12, this event will take place in the land of Israel. Notice that the people of Israel will have returned from the nations to the LAND OF ISRAEL.

The man known as Gog, apparently from the general region of Turkey, Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan, will lead the armies of Gomer and Togarmah (apparently modern day Turkey), Iran, Ethiopia, Libya and many others against Israel. Ezekiel 38:18 shows that Gog’s actions will make YaHVeH furious.

Almighty God will shake the land of Israel. Notice verse 20: fish, birds, beasts of the field, all creeping things, and every man on the face of the earth will shake at the presence of Almighty God on that day. YaHVeH will throw down the mountains and walls. He will cause Gog’s soldiers to turn on each other. YaHVeH will send pestilence, an overflowing rain, great hailstones and fire and brimstone against Gog and his armies. Notice in verse 23, YaHVeH will make them to know that He is Almighty God. Five out of every six of them will fall down dead on the mountains of Israel and they will have a place of graves there in Israel, Ezekiel 39:2. It will take Israel 7 years to burn the implements of war and it will take Israel 7 months to bury the dead, Ezekiel 39:9, 12.

THINK ABOUT IT, Gog’s armies will apparently be the armies of Allah, and YaHVeH will make them to know that He is the Eternal One instead of Allah! Do not think that Almighty God is not watching closely the events going on in the world today! Do not think that Almighty God is okay with the nations dividing His land Israel Joel 3:2.

Ezekiel 39:22, “So the house of Israel shall know that I am YaHVeH their God from that day and forward.”

Take note, that the Almighty will accomplish several things in this astounding conflagration. In Ezekiel 39:22 He makes Israel to know who He is. In 38:23, YaHVeH makes Gog and many nations to know that He is the Eternal One. In 39:23 He makes the gentiles to know, that the reason He gave Israel into captivity by the sword of their enemies and hid His face from them, was because of the sins of Israel. In  39:25 He has mercy on the whole house of Israel after they have reaped the terrible price of their sins. In 39:27-28 YaHVeH shows that He is the One who gathered Israel back from among the nations where He exiled them. In 39:29 He pours out His Spirit upon the house of Israel.

To this day Israel as a whole is largely a secular nation. Israel leans heavily on the United States for help and trusts in many things other than YaHVeH. Almighty God knew it would be this way. The Holy Spirit inspired Ezekiel and other prophets to write about what would happen to Israel in the last days. YaHVeH will give Israel a mighty deliverance at that time and they will know Him as a result. He will once again pour out His Spirit upon them. He will show the Gentile nations His love for Israel. Israel has been His chosen vessel for bringing salvation to both the Hebrews and the Gentiles through His only Son Jesus Jew. Fasten your seatbelt for a rough bumpy ride to the end!KIDRON VALLEY



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