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America Has A Hard Heart!

What is hardness of heart? It literally means “destitute of spiritual perception”. It can also mean callous and stubborn. America is BLIND in one eye and can’t see out of the other. They do not know the truth and do not want to know the truth.

Obama talks about how America should embrace his far-out liberal agenda, because it is the moral thing to do. This is completely laughable. A man who supports abortion-on-demand, homosexuality, taking from hard workers by force and giving it to the lazy, taking away the proper defense of the innocent, and bringing people to our country that are hostile to our way of life is preaching about morality?

Obama and America have hardness of heart. They stubbornly resist Almighty God. They make up their own morality and are callous to the ways of YaHVeH. Their sense of right and wrong is grotesquely twisted. America is destitute of perception. That is what happens to sinful people: they lose all sense of simple truth.

America’s woes will increase more and more as their callous stubborn mule-headed heart imposes its own will against the Great Creator.

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