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Trump v. Mueller

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to interview President Trump in his Russian Collusion Probe. The problem is, Mueller’s primary goal seems to be, to destroy President Trump any way he can.

Mueller’s team is loaded with Democrats. Mueller’s investigation has far exceeded the original purpose of the probe. Mueller has engaged in gestapo-like tactics, such as raiding one of President Trump’s friend’s home in the night in search of evidence against Trump.

I will repeat; it seems obvious that Mueller is determined to do great harm to the duly elected president of these United States of America. So here is what President Trump should do.

President Trump should agree to sit down with Mueller for the interview. Every single time Mueller asks him a question, President Trump should say: Mr. Mueller, I perceive that you and your team’s intentions are to end my presidency by any means available, including harming my family, harming my friends, trying to trick me into some sort of contradiction that you can use to prosecute me, and much much more; therefore, I take the 5th Amendment to protect myself from your malice.

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