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Belligerent Claimant

images (8)Belligerence is a strong term that can also refer to aggressive or assertive behavior. Did you know that Almighty God respects this kind of belligerence; in fact, He requires it to succeed in the kingdom of heaven? I will share a couple passages of scripture with you. Matthew 11:12 says, “From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing and the forceful person lays hands on it.”  This is an unusual and insightful passage: the kingdom of heaven advances forcefully? The forceful person lays hands on it? Yes, this is what the word says; therefore, this is how it works. If you want more of the kingdom of God, it is yours for the taking. Almighty God is not withholding good things from them that walk uprightly. He hopes you will believe Him concerning the promises He has made to you. There are promises concerning health, healing, protection, wisdom, knowledge, confidence, power, Godly success, Godly prosperity, achieving the impossible, peace, well-being and the list goes on. If you need any of these things, then learn to take the Almighty at His word and seize upon the things He has made available to the belligerent claimant. Also study James 2:26, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”  To be sure, salvation is a free gift and cannot be earned; however, even the gift of salvation must be received by faith. You might use words such as these: “Heavenly Father, You promised that whosoever puts their trust in You will be saved. I choose to believe You in this and by faith I receive your free gift of salvation.” I like to use the word trust in the place of faith and it is a legitimate synonym describing faith. Do you trust Almighty God? If you trust Him, then you should take Him at His word, for He never lies about anything: EVER! Almighty God greatly desires for you and I to take Him at His word. Please hear this: Not only does He desire us to take Him at His word, but He also expects/requires us to take Him at His word. Hebrews 11:6 says this, “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he that comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” Notice that the Almighty says, that He cannot be pleased without faith/trust in Him. Notice also the word impossible in this passage. He is letting us know that faith/trust is a mandatory ingredient in pleasing Him. He will not be pleased with you, if you do not trust Him. Did you know, He is trustworthy? All of His promises are yes and amen, but take note, that along with believing He exists, a person must also diligently seek Him. If you seek Him half-heartedly, then you cannot be sure that He will grant your wishes. I would like to put it this way. You must be proactive in the kingdom of heaven. Almighty God is ready, willing and able to do His part, if you and I will do our part. If we are not willing to do our part, then obviously we are not very serious about what we are asking. You may have heard the saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” This is basically a biblical saying. If you are willing to do your part, then Almighty God is willing to do His part. Mind you, the Almighty has done many good things for us in spite of our inactivity, such as sending rain and sustaining us while we sleep; however, you need not expect to receive from Him if you are not willing to do your part. Whoever has an ear to hear, let them hear. I will leave you with one more example. In the Book of Mark chapter five there is a story about a woman, who is diseased with an issue of blood. She spent all her living on doctors trying to get well. Did you hear that? She wanted to get well so badly, that she did everything she knew to do in trying to get well. Apparently she heard about Yahshua Jesus and believed that He could heal her. She believed, if she could only touch his clothing, then she would be made well. She managed to touch the hem of His garment; and sure enough, she was completely healed. Please read the story for yourself. Christ was not angry with her. He honored her, when she aggressively pursued healing through Him. I encourage you to be a belligerent claimant yourself and watch what Almighty God will do for you.


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