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Obama The Traitor?

download (14)President Barack Obama speaks affectionately of Islam, but he grudgingly claims to be a Christian. We are instructed by the Holy Bible in I John 4:1, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God: because many false prophets (religious impostors) are gone out into the world.” My friends, we must test the spirits. An impostor could most definitely be a danger to your family and loved ones. An impostor could most definitely destroy your nation. An impostor in the office of the President of the United States could do unspeakable damage to our precious nation and to the free world. We are to test the spirits; or in terms more easily understood, we are to inspect persons, motives, mental dispositions, etc. of those around us, whether they be humans or even supernatural creatures. A man or woman could be lying or telling the truth. If it is a supernatural being, it could be either an angel or a demon. II Corinthians 11:14 states: “And no marvel, for Satan himself is disguised into an angel of light.” Satan himself is able disguise himself as a legitimate angel. The supernatural being that inspired the Book of Mormon and the supernatural being that inspired the Koran were not sent from Almighty YaHVeH, because they spoke things contrary to the words inspired in the Holy Bible. Almighty God makes it very clear to us, that there are those among us, who have malice in their hearts against us. These individuals may be very handsome or beautiful. These may have a beautiful smile. They may have a silver tongue and speak cunning  cleverly devised words. They might romance you and sweep you off your feet. The problem with such individuals, is that they have a hidden agenda, that does not align with what is right and true. These people are very selfish and they purposefully seek to exploit whatever is exploitable for their own interests and gain.

Let me share a little secret with you: A person who has been deceived by one of these impostors will sometimes defend the impostor to the death. They have been so deceived by the impostor, that if you question the impostor’s credibility, the deceived follower will take it personally instead of objectively. This is a very dangerous situation, because now the impostor has faithful servants who are willing to do his bidding; even though his bidding be of the most destructive nature. These deceived followers may be fairly good people, but they have bought into the alleged goodness of the evil impostor. This is also how the phenomena of cults and cult leaders operates.

President Barack Obama reportedly just recently had a secret meeting with some Muslim Leaders. Apparently the Obama Administration refused to disclose who these Muslim leaders were for a time. President Obama has misrepresented the truth so many times, that I do not trust his intentions. Why was the meeting secret and why is it a secret as to who was invited? President Obama is holding secret meetings with the Iran government concerning its nuclear program. Why are the meetings secret? What is he trying to hide? President Obama reportedly wrote a secret letter to Khamenei, the spiritual leader of Iran. President Obama has done a lot to promote Islam in the United States. It is reported, that President Obama is a supporter of the Muslim brotherhood. President Obama and others in his party refused to attend a joint meeting of congress, where Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel was invited to speak. In the days after the speech, there were unkind remarks about the Israeli ruler. Just recently it has been reported, that the Obama Administration has revealed plans for a possible April-May offensive to retake Mosul, Iraq back from ISIS. Some are saying it is aiding and abetting the enemy to reveal such plans, seeing that it will help ISIS to dig-in defensively and allow them to plant IEDs and landmines. So why did President Obama help ISIS out in this way? Doesn’t it seem treasonous to give the enemy this tip, so as to warn the soldiers of ISIS of danger and put the lives of friendly soldiers at risk?  But I thought, that the President of the United States was supposed to protect us and our soldiers  and not protect and warn the soldiers of our sworn enemies. President Obama even refuses to acknowledge, that the enemy is radical Islam. It seems obvious, that this is a defense of Islam by the President. Why is the President acting so carelessly with the continued existence of Israel? Why is the President doing careless things with the security of our country?

Like I said earlier, we are supposed to test the spirits to see if they be of Almighty God. My friends, I have tested the spirit of President Obama, and it is scary what the test results reveal. For a man that speaks affectionately of Islam and the Koran, the way President Obama does, it is extremely unlikely that he is a Christian as he claims. A man that speaks grudgingly about so many aspects of Christianity and even shows a certain amount of contempt and hostility in the way he does, probably is not a Christian. A man that does so much for Muslims in the way that the President does, most likely is Muslim. A man who holds secret meetings with Muslims and Muslim countries, is obviously afraid the American public will not like what is going on there. It is easy to believe, that he is undermining the interests of the United States of America, and helping the enemies of America. Is the President committing treason? Are we courageous enough to call a spade a spade? Sadly, the people of the USA are hastening their day of reckoning, by installing ungodly men into key positions of power and responsibility.

I want you to know, that I greatly fear for my country. The American people as a whole have become dangerously complacent and are no longer vigilant as in the past. We do not see the danger for what it is. We have rebelled against the righteous commandments of Almighty YaHVeH, and this has left the USA vulnerable to all sorts of evil. Many in the USA do not understand, that our sins have removed the great hedge of protection that Almighty YaHVeH maintained around us while we served Him. Since that hedge is gone, evil has been pouring into our nation at an unprecedented rate. We should be alarmed; and yet, people are playing and partying, laughing and living it up, accepting evil as if it is good, and showing hostility to the people who love righteousness and speak the truth. It is almost too late to turn it around. Satan has brought the USA to the brink of destruction and even professing Christians are adding to the chaos by voting evil men into high places of power. If the USA continues on this path, and it probably will continue on this path, then Almighty YaHVeH will make a correction in the spirit realm, and there will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Judgment begins at the House of  YaHVeH. The Almighty will break the back of the things in which we trust; so that, the ones who do not belong to him will be exposed for who they really are. The pomp and pride and partying and insolence against the Most High will have a day of reckoning. Do not be deceived, Almighty God is not mocked: Whatsoever a man or nation sows, that shall the man or nation also reap. It will come suddenly at a most inopportune time, and the hearts of men will be filled with fear and anguish, because they refused to listen to YaHVeH’s loving counsel, blessed be His name.


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