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Palestinians & Abbas: Contrary

InkedAbbas 1_LIYou can count on Abbas and the Palestinians to say: NO! It is perhaps their favorite word. The Trump peace plan apparently involves a 50 billion dollar investment into the Palestinian economy.

This time, even before the peace plan is revealed, the Palestinians and Abbas said: NO! Their history of NO’s is so extensive, that one wonders why the world even tries anymore to plan peace with them.

Therefore, the time has come for the United States to summarily dismiss the Palestinians. The Palestinians have ABSOLUTELY PROVEN, that they are contrarians in the worst sense of the word, and peace is far from their hearts and minds.

Therefore, the United States should officially recognize, that all the so-called West Bank and East Jerusalem are a part of Israel proper.

Israel should annex 100% of the so-called West Bank and officially reject any Right-Of-Return, for the Palestinians would use the Right-Of-Return to harm Israel, of that you can be sure.

Israel should pass whatever laws necessary to protect Israel as a Jewish State forever, without any regard for accusations of apartheid. No nation should ever allow their constitution or judiciary to be used as a weapon to undermine or destroy their nation.

Israel should remain as a place that is safe for all the sons and daughters of Jacob. Outsiders should have reasonable protections in the State of Israel, but never in any way to the harm of the descendants of Jacob. The Land of Israel IS the sole possession of the Children of Israel.

The Palestinians have made it clear, that they are the enemy of Israel. Wake up everyone; this will never change.


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Hong Kong Sing Hallelujah To The LORD

Look what’s going on in Hong Kong, China. Protesters a million strong protest new extradition policy and take up the song “Sing Hallelujah to the LORD” as a type of anthem. Such a beautiful sight!

To no one’s surprise, the Chinese government is not satisfied with the agreement they made with UK. They want to control Hong Kong in the same way they control the mainland. They want to take over Taiwan. They want to control the South China Sea. This is the nature of the communists.

Sadly, it is not just wanting to control the land. They want communistic control over the people of Hong Kong, who had enjoyed 100 years of freedom under British rule until 1997.

Well just look at the unity of the people of Hong Kong! And just imagine, a million people singing “Sing Hallelujah to the LORD.” When people get into unity, all things are possible.

May the great Creator bless the people of Hong Kong in coming to know the “Redeemer of man”, whose name is Jesus. There is true freedom and salvation in Jesus.

Romans 10:13, “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Please share these posts with all your friends, because Facebook sometimes locks my account. They do this because they do not like my pro-Christian writing.


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