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John Kerry Colluding With Iran?

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Apparently former Secretary of State John Kerry, who is a regular citizen now and not part of the U.S. government, has met several times recently with the Iranian foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif without consulting with the proper authorities.

Iran is an enemy to the United States and Israel. They are a very hostile regime and leading world sponsor of terrorism.

The Trump administration withdrew the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal. The deal was an incredibly bad deal, that only temporarily stopped Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, but the sunset clause in the agreement virtually guarantees, that the world will have to accept Iran into the nuclear club of nations in only 10-15 years.

Kerry allegedly told Zarif, that Iran could wait out the Trump administration. Kerry hasĀ  usurped the authority of the duly elected President of the United States! and has given aid and comfort to our enemies.

President Trump should issue a stern warning to John Kerry to stand down immediately and restrain him from any further contact with foreign governments while he remains in office. Congress should force Kerry to appear before them and answer for his mutiny. They should make a public example of Kerry for the purpose of putting deep-state on notice, that the duly elected government will not stand for non-elected officials interfering in official government business. The American people already voted against John Kerry for president.

Hello to my friends in Hong Kong China.


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