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Obama’s Temper Tantrum Against Israel

images (22)Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being snubbed by president Barack Obama in his upcoming visit to the United States. The Obama administration announced, that President Obama will not be meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu during this visit in March. Netanyahu has accepted Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner’s invitation to speak before congress March 11. President Obama is fiercely angry, because he was not told about this invitation in a timely manner and was told by the wrong people. People in the Obama administration are carelessly and foolishly referring to this as a “spit in the face”. Poor Mr. Obama! He didn’t get his way and now he is going have a little temper tantrum, but let us consider the matter more carefully. Only a few weeks ago in October of 2014, an Obama administration official referred to Prime Minister Netanyahu as a “chickenshit”. Earlier in the Obama administration, when Netanyahu and Obama were in a meeting at the White House, it is commonly reported that President Obama suddenly exited the tense meeting to go have dinner with Michelle and his daughters, not bothering to invite Netanyahu to eat with them, and this is a kind version of what took place that evening. President Obama has unduly put huge public pressure on Prime Minister Netanyahu to stop all construction in areas that Israel legitimately gained in war instigated by Muslims/Arabs. The Obama administration has been playing a dangerous diplomatic game with Iran concerning their nuclear weapons program. The Iranians/Persians obviously are busy building a nuclear bomb and delivery systems for said bomb, while threatening to destroy Israel. The Obama administration is blatantly putting Israel at risk of extinction, because there is no way that the Iranian/Persian mullahs are going to halt their efforts to wipe Israel off the map. This is an existential threat to Israel and President Obama is treating the matter lightly. Of course Israel is very nervous about this situation. Would you be nervous, if someone was openly saying that you and your family should killed, and those around you went about their daily routines as if nothing was going on?

President Obama has brazenly spat in the face of Israel, Canada our friend to the north, Christians, the U.S. military, the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin, Republicans and others, apparently reminding his adversaries that he is quite the man. The fact of the matter is this: the United States has a system of checks and balances. We have three exclusive branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial. Not one branch of the U.S. government is required to get permission from the other two branches in order to do its job. This design was put in place by our founding fathers for the express purpose of preventing a single person from doing things that are not in the interest of our nation. President Obama has repeatedly done things, that are not in the interest of the people of the United States of America; therefore, it is perfectly fitting, that Speaker of the House John Boehner countered President Obama’s careless and dangerous antics with Iran. Inviting Prime Minister Netanyahu to speak before congress is very responsible leadership by Speaker Boehner in checking and balancing President Obama’s careless leadership. It is about time, that someone had the guts to mitigate the damage President Obama is regularly visiting upon our nation. Finally someone has taken President Obama to the woodshed, and pointed out to him that he presides over merely one of the three branches of government. Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous are in authority the people rejoice, but when the ungodly reign, the people mourn.” President Obama needs to humble himself before the Almighty while there is still time. A grown man should put away childish things.

Mr. President, the day is coming in the which you will stand before Almighty YaHVeH and give an accounting of your life. All of us will give an accounting and not a single soul will escape this responsibility. YaHVeH refers to Jerusalem as the “apple of His eye” in Zechariah chapter two and shows His continued attention to the well-being of  Judah. Those who have spoiled Israel will be dealt with harshly. You don’t have to agree with everything Israel does, but for the sake of yourself and for the sake of the United States of America, behave yourself very wisely in dealing with Israel.

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Black Wisdom

imagesI foolishly entitled my last post “Black Shame”. It was an unwise choice for a title and I am sorry. I am rewriting it with  the hope, that I can better make the point, that I intended to make originally. There is an incredibly wise black minister named Jesse Lee Peterson. The reason I am saying that he is incredibly wise; is because, he has the courage as a black preacher to address the root of problems based on principles from the Christian Holy Bible. I have entitled this post “Black Wisdom” because of Preacher Jesse Lee Peterson’s wise words on this matter. I am writing this week about the events surrounding the death of Michael Brown. For those of you who don’t know who Michael Brown is; he is the 18 year old black boy, who was killed by white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri.

Black preacher Jesse Lee Peterson makes it clear: black boys for generations have been taught that white police officers hate black people. Because  these black boys are filled with anger and believe these lies, when they are stopped, they go off on the police officers verbally and sometimes physically. Preacher Peterson blames black leaders such as Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, President Barack Obama, black parents and others for failing to train black boys to respect authority. Preacher Peterson said, “Michael Brown is dead because of Michael Brown.” He said that Michael should have treated the officer with respect and should have done what the officer told him to do instead of attacking him. Preacher Peterson shows that some of the worst racism in the USA is racism of blacks against whites. I encourage you to google: or google:      to see for yourself what preacher Peterson had to say. As a black man, Preacher Peterson is courageous enough to be objective and speak the truth in a good way without making excuses.

Michael Brown had just robbed a convenience store of cigars and had physically shoved the clerk out of the way. A police officer spotted him walking down the middle of the street. As the police car approached and words were exchanged, apparently Michael reached through the window of the car and struck officer Darren Wilson in the face, and then attempted to take possession of the officer’s handgun. Let me tell you something. One of the most foolish things a person can do, is grab a police officer’s handgun. Michael Brown carelessly took his life into his own hands and consequently died. Angry Blacks marched and protested the shooting in Ferguson again and again. Many in the black community demanded that the white police officer be indicted before all the facts were known. After the forensic evidence was gathered, and after the autopsy and after extensive testimony, the Grand Jury refused to indict officer Darren Wilson. The evidence indicated, that officer Wilson was telling the truth and that his life had been endangered. When the official announcement was made of NO INDICTMENT, many in the black community went on a lawless rampage of rioting, looting, burning of buildings, shooting weapons and such like. Apparently the rioters were determined to lynch Darren Wilson regardless of the evidence and regardless of the truth, and when he was vindicated by the evidence, the rioters refused to listen to sound logic. For days protesters carried their protests to numerous cities across the USA. I want to say here, that the protesters acted foolishly in choosing this case to show their displeasure. By their own words and actions they are found being defenders of criminal behavior. This is totally unfair to the many fine upstanding black people in this country. I believe the racial divisions in this country could be healed, if the black community would listen to the wisdom of men like Preacher Peterson. There are other great black leaders such as Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Allen Keyes, Condoleezza Rice, Ben Carson, Reggie White and many others, who are very good and noble role models for young blacks to pattern their lives after. Unfortunately, many of the other black leaders in this country continue to fan the flames of racism and are at the root of the problem. These remind me of the Muslim leaders that continually preach hatred of Jews, so it is little wonder that the vast majority of young Muslims grow up hating the Jewish people. Yes, there are some very bad white people in this country and that is a fact, but it is wrong to teach black children that white police officers hate blacks. There are many fine black and white police officers. All of us need to learn to leave the past behind. In Matthew 6:14-15 Yahshua Jesus spoke these words: “If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”

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