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Voting For Righteous Rulers Is Sacred Christian Duty

I was struck by a recent comment, that it is not important for Christians to be involved in the political process. They just need to witness the love of Christ to the world? This would mean that Christians need not be concerned with what laws they have to live by, for the ELECTED legislators make the laws. Also, judges are either ELECTED by the people or appointed by officials who are ELECTED by the people.

The wise man or woman should consider, that as long as there were laws against homosexuality and there were decent judges that interpreted the laws properly, homosexuals had to stay in the closet or be punished. Now that professing Christians have exited the political arena, homosexuality is contaminating our culture through and through. Our normal innocent children and grandchildren are now exposed to the wickedness and it rubs off on many of them, so that they become defiled. The vast majority of them would never have chosen this twisted lifestyle, but now the cancer spreads rapidly with infectious terminus. Sodomites are some of the most aggressive agitators in the USA and they work tirelessly to impose their perversion on the rest of us so they can feel normal.

Same thing is true about abortion. When Christians exited the political arena and failed to remain vigilant, unGodly rulers were ELECTED, who in turn appointed unGodly judges, who in turn gave us Roe vs. Wade. Over 58 million innocent human infants have been slaughtered in a holocaust nine times larger than the 6 million Jews slaughtered by the Germans. We are living with a massive virtual genocide as a result of professing Christians buying into the lie, that Christians should leave politics alone and stick to witnessing to the lost.

So professing Christians have naively opted to save a few thousand souls, instead of saving multiplied millions of souls and lives. They could have done both, but have chosen the lesser. Obviously, the logic of these professing Christians is greatly flawed. The political realm is somewhat secular tis true, but it is also a spiritual realm that MUST not be neglected!

The wicked shall be turned into hell and every nation that forgets Almighty God. Psalms 9:17

Some people think that I am harsh and unkind, but a righteous God-fearing nation, that blesses all the nations of the earth, cannot exist without a certain toughness and fighting spirit. Weakness and timidity do not a righteous environment make.

He that rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of Almighty God. II Samuel 23:3

If professing Christians continue to neglect their DUTY, then we will likely wake up one day with “sharia law” all over the United States. On that day the Muslims will not have mercy on your children & grandchildren and the fallen angel Allah will DEMAND their allegiance on pain of death. On that day Christians will wish that they had taken politics seriously, but it will be way to late.



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