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Muslim Mandatory Convert To Christianity

preview_crossattheseaBryan Fischer has a brilliant plan concerning Syrian refugees and others. Whoever migrates to the USA must  #1 Come legally  #2  Convert to Christianity (willingly leave behind Allah, Islam, Koran, sharia law)  #3 Fully assimilate (be willing to become a true American and not a hyphenated American)  #4  Support yourself.

This is one of those exceptionally good ideas that would actually work. It is a good thing to help people in need, and it is also important to protect the interests of your own nation. This plan would do both. Any immigrant to the USA who is not willing to do these four things would be turned away and not permitted to enter.

Immigration is a privilege and not a right. It is the duty of the USA government to protect Americans from those who are hostile to our way of life. Anyone who does honest research will find, that Islam and Muslims are a grave threat to our culture and our lives. Christianity was the overwhelmingly dominant religion among the colonists. It was what the USA was built upon and it is what has sustained the USA. Christianity was, is and will be the only religion that can sustain the greatness of America. We know that Christianity is compatible with the USA for it has been to dominant religion since the Revolutionary War. If Christianity is minimized in the USA, then the USA will cease to be great not far in the future.

You shall have no other gods before Me. Exodus 20:3   May Almighty God bless the USA if that is still possible.


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