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Socialism IS Slavery And Here’s Why

The left wants forced socialism. Essentially this means, that they demand I bring the fruits of my labor to them for redistribution. This in essence makes me their slave. It is virtual communism.

The ability to create personal wealth is a type of empowering freedom. I can aspire to do whatever I choose. The harder I work, the more empowered I become to achieve my dreams.

If I am forced to relinquish the fruits of my labor to them for redistribution, then I WILL NOT co-operate. I will either become lazy or I will rebel.

I will be free to be generous in the ways that I choose, and not in the way someone else chooses for me. As a Christian; I will not be forced to support and promote the godless agenda of liberals. I will support and promote the Kingdom of Almighty God. It is my privilege from Almighty God.

May His kingdom come and may His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. As for me and my house; we will serve Almighty God.

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