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People claim to want answers to their problems, but they will make a swift exit when the truth does not please them. It is the truth that makes us free, and whoever wants to be free, must be willing to consider truths. The Holy Bible has withstood the test of time, and it IS truth.

America has turned its back on Almighty God; therefore, we are in steep spiritual decline.  Israel, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Ethiopia, Turkey and others are mentioned in the Holy Bible concerning end times, but it is very difficult to say for sure that the United States is mentioned at all; therefore, it seems obvious that America will lose its superpower status. Apparently the USA will either be greatly diminished, destroyed or conquered.

Many good people who profess Christ are willing to vote with the devil, thinking that what happens in politics is separate from their Christianity. The Supreme Court of the United States sets the tone for morality in this country, and voters determine who as president will replace retiring Supreme Court justices. The reason there have been 65 million abortions in America, is because Christians have not been properly engaged in politics. Many professing Christians vote for the people, who are keeping this holocaust alive and well, and it is a shame and a disgrace. They are the same people that are making Sodom and Gomorrah successful in the USA. They are the same people that have opened the gates of America to the political religion of Islam, that aspires to take us over with Sharia Law. There is so much more to being a Christian, than going to church and winning the lost. If we do not awaken out of our spiritual slumber, then we are doomed and our children and grandchildren will face unspeakable horrors.

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Mavpics 040My name is Mickey McConnell and I am a very patriotic Christian man. Geography, history, and the Holy Bible delight me intellectually. My life purpose is defined by truth and it is the truth that makes us free. A few of my life experiences include, traveling to 50 states and 10 countries, writing three books and a column in the local paper for 7 years, driving a tractor-trailer rig, being a pastor for several years, preaching for many years, and building homes.

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  1. Well here I am again Mickey, challenging one of your statements above.
    ” Within the pages of the Holy Bible lie all the answers to mankind’s problems.” You probably mean this is a most general way but sweeping generalities often leave much unanswered. My thought is; that thousands of serious problems that humans are working on today have no reference at all in the pages of the bible. * Take the need to feed and get fresh water to the 7 billion people on our earth, no verse that I can think of addresses that head on. * Take the thousands of engineers who are working on multipliable problems, such as how to harness the wind and put power in the homes. * Take the 6,000 airliners that are in the air at any given time; how to get where they are going has no reference in the bible.
    Surely there is a need not to oversimplify or overstate.

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