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Vile Affection

download (19)I want to warn you in advance not to read the following, if you are easily offended. If you cannot handle the truth, then click the “x” button and please go find something else to read. The subject matter here is difficult and even graphic, and some people will not want to hear it.

The new religion of tolerance demands that Christians keep their mouths shut about sin. Almighty YaHVeH created a natural order of things and then gave common-sense instructions for the well-being of mankind. A simple example of this is as follows: The Book of Romans 1:26-27 uses the phrase “vile affections” in reference to homosexuality. Check out the definition of vile.

The Book of Jude 1:7-8 uses the phrases “going after strange flesh” and “defile the flesh”. Read it for yourself. Look up the definition of defile.

Health departments have all sorts of guidelines for removing human waste in a sanitary fashion, so as to protect humans from the dangers of disease, but homosexual men put their sexuality squarely into harmful bacteria. We are told that these people are born this way and we are expected to accept this as normal. We are expected to keep our mouths shut about these vile unsanitary practices. If a person were trying to stay healthy and disease-free, they would go to great lengths to avoid such unsanitary practices, but homosexual men break all the common-sense rules of avoiding harmful bacteria.

One of the worst parts about this whole thing is this: normal intelligent people are being convinced to turn a blind eye to the very bad consequences of this practice  both medically and socially. They are being persuaded, that nothing bad will come from accepting this behavior as normal.

I am aghast. We spend millions and even billions of dollars on “Centers For Disease Control”, sanitation, hospitals and centers for physical and mental health, and then straightway abandon all our efforts, so that we can accommodate the vile affections of homosexuals. We pass pro-homosexual legislation, that promotes the endangering of mankind’s health, but Christians are to keep their mouths shut. Our judiciary makes rulings that jeopardize the health of humanity, but the Holy Bible is outdated and useless?

The Book of Romans 1:22 has come to pass and is all around us: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

I will return to my original statement: The new religion of tolerance demands that Christians keep their mouths shut about sin. Anyone out there that has an ear to hear, let them hear: The Holy Bible is the most common-sense book that exists. The Holy Bible was inspired by Almighty YaHVeH, Who is very concerned with the well-being of mankind. Christians may seem strange to the world in many ways, but genuine sincere Christians know right from wrong and are an indispensable asset to the world. When Christians are eliminated from the equation, the world will implode upon itself leaving all manner of disease, evil, death, destruction and mayhem in its wake. Of course there is a right kind of tolerance, but the new religion of tolerance is not the right kind. The new religion of tolerance is extremely deceitful, leads humanity to remove all restraint and then it leads to destruction.shoe-steps-crap-over-white-onto-human-bad-luck-43840659



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