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“White Supremacy” Accusation Is Code For “Down With Caucasians”

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Whites in America made up over 77% of the population in 2013 and non-Hispanic whites in America made up over 62% of the population in 2013. The USA was settled by white Europeans and it has been overwhelmingly white for its entire existence.

In democratic nations all across the world; it is highly irregular for a minority population to rule the majority. Most people vote for their own kind.  In Greece you will most likely find Greek supremacy/Greek nationalism, if you want to call it that. In Russia you will encounter Russian supremacy/Russian nationalism, all though it is pretty weird to call it that. In African nations you will most likely find African supremacy/African nationalism, but it wouldn’t really make sense to call it that. It is ABNORMAL to expect otherwise.

Obviously, in a democratic nation, the ruler is generally going to be of the same skin color as the majority of the population. It is preposterous for people from minorities to expect otherwise; for given the chance, those same minorities would also choose one of their own kind to be ruler.

The blacks in America prefer a black to be president, so based upon liberal logic, blacks are “Black Supremacists. Mexicans in America would likely prefer a Hispanic president; therefore, according to that same logic, the Hispanics are Hispanic Supremacists.

Let us dispense with the ridiculous notion, that if whites vote for whites, then they are “White Supremacists/nationalists”. It is a crock of bull. Every black, white, brown, red, and yellow-skinned person has their own preferences, and it is their right to do so, as long as they don’t use preferences to harm their fellow man.

Mark the person who accuses someone of being a White Supremacist/nationalist. There is a high percentage possibility, that it is merely a mean-spirited bias against white-skinned people. But if it is a bias against white-skinned people, then don’t we have another example of racial discrimination?

People seem to be brainwashed into believing, that there is no such thing as racism against white-skinned people. It is just as evil to hate white people, as it is to hate any other race.

I am a white man. I am not ashamed to be white, AND I am not ashamed to be a man. Almighty God is responsible for the color of our skin and gender,  so I can be proud of who I am, in a good way.

Almighty God expects me to treat my fellowman decently regardless of skin color, AND He made me an individual with the power to choose my own personal preferences.

As I listen to the multitude of accusations of White Supremacy/nationalism; I also notice an interesting thing: Too often it is not an intelligent observation for the improvement of mankind, but a bitter, unhealthy generational anger with no apparent remedy. Perhaps a better way to say it is, that the person accusing has grown quite comfortable and content in their anger, with no desire to let it go under any circumstances. They love to hate.


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