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New All-Out Civil War In The United States

We are literally in a state of hostilities and opposing armies are IRRECONCILABLE.  Liberals have declared war on Christianity and traditional American values! They fired the first shots and are GUILTY. Their tactics and strategy are extremely aggressive and mean-spirited. The left seeks to impose their evil values on Christians and those of us who hold traditional American Values, and this is where they have crossed a red line.

These people have accused Christians of wanting to force Christianity upon them, but have broken their own rule in seeking to impose anti-Christian values on Christians. They have not cordially invited us to join them; instead, they are demanding it. Example: Christians MUST bake wedding cakes for sodomites, Christians MUST pay for abortions via taxes, Christians MUST support climate change, Christian women MUST share their bathrooms with the transgender, Christians MUST pay for contraception via taxes and the list goes on and on seemingly to infinity.

“New York Values” was a derogatory phrase recently spoken in the race for President of the United States, but it is a true statement! It should have been termed “New York City Values”, because upstate New York does not share the same values; however, there are other cities and states that are complicit with New York City in this civil war. Get this: apparently San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Minnesota, Vermont, Washington State and New York State have banned travel to North Carolina & Mississippi in any official capacity. Allegedly Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and Portland Oregon are soon to follow? They are determined to force us to join their rebellion against The Great Creator or else they will not do business with us?

I have news for you: Almighty God is the one who prospers me and not these cities and states. The Almighty promised to take care of His people even in famine. Let them go ahead and refuse to do business with us; it will be their loss and not ours. They are inviting a curse upon themselves from Almighty YaHVeH, but I will take my chances on the side of YaHVeH. They have already blatantly driven us into a civil showdown. You can be sure, that they are not willing to simply let states secede from their unGodly hell-raising. They demand that you and I accept their values as our own.

Whatever cities and states wage war against me as a Christian can know this: I am not a pansy to just lay down and watch my children and loved ones defiled by these hell-lovers. They can know that THEY have made an enemy of me and I did not wish for it to be this way. I will do all I can to protect the ones I love and I will NOT be coerced in this fashion.

Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia has not been brave in the way of North Carolina and Mississippi much to his shame and he no longer has my support. I call on all Georgians to voice your displeasure with his act of cowardice. Would to God that Georgia was listed with North Carolina and Mississippi. At least the Georgia legislature is not cowardly, for they passed the legislation Deal vetoed.

All fellow-Christians and lovers of traditional America: many cities and states are both tactically and strategically subverting our freedoms, our values and our Christianity. They are compelling us to take sides. They have drawn the battle lines at the point of Judeo-Christian values and you WILL choose sides. It is a battle of light against darkness. Light and darkness are absolutely NOT compatible. It is impossible for you to be on the side of light and on the side of darkness at the same time.

Revelation 3:15-16, “I know your works that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were cold or hot; so then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of my mouth.”

Whoever sits on the sidelines doing nothing is by default on the side of darkness. You may not remain neutral in this war. Rise up righteous man! Rise up righteous woman! Rise up traditional American values lovers! Rise up all who fear Almighty God! Work together and not against each other. Our hell-loving enemies are deadly serious in their intentions. Your children and grandchildren will not escape their infectious terminus.


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