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I Hate Obama’s America!

Artwork of the Great Fire of RomeEnvision a country where the commander-in-chief likes the terrorists more than he likes his own military. Contemplate a ruler who loves ramadan far more than he loves Easter. Imagine a leader who celebrates homosexuality more than he celebrates straight. Behold a ruler who resents capitalism and loves welfare. Consider a ruler that delights in authoritarianism and despises private ownership of firearms.  Behold a president that prefers the trafficking of human baby body parts to the protection of innocent life. Visualize a ruler who tinkers with the very cornerstones just for the fun of it.

Grasp the idea of a leader who fans the flames of racial unrest against traditional America. Reflect on the thoughts of someone who swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America during the light of day and when the night falls conspires to neutralize its authority. Envisage a chief executive who swears undying loyalty to you publicly while privately colluding with those who hate your guts. Fancy a boss who ruins the meaning of easily understood words like marriage, ally, gay, worker, terrorist, nature, choice, immigration, American.

No my friends: Obama’s America is not great. He speaks many eloquent words, that make some sort of twisted sense to his constituents, but are nothing more than sedatives for the willfully blind. Now America, hear this prophet of doom: ¬†change course while yet you may! Almighty God much more prefers to heal and restore you. And if you will not listen, then you will most certainly be tossed onto the rubbish heap of history along with all the other great nations and empires of centuries past. The guests of Hades will greet you at your arrival.


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