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Israel, Don’t Put Trust In USA, IDF, Peace Process. Trust In YaHVeH

Soldiers from the 55th Battalion resting with the Dome of the Rock, or the Temple Mount, within sight (Photo credit: Copyright: Yossi Shemy/ all rights reserved; all reproductions prohibited)Israel, after well over 1000 years of exile, the impossible has happened. YaHVeH fulfilled His promise of your return to your homeland. NO ONE else did this. It is solely an act of Almighty God. Understand this! YaHVeH is your strength: why trust in others?

The peace process has brought you nothing but sorrow. Every concession of land has only been met with more demands and more pain. The leaders of the nations of the earth make stupid demands; senseless demands; and you listen to them? and bend to them for survival? What kind of foolishness is this? The UN and the nations of the earth did not create Israel. Only after the unspeakable holocaust did world leaders grudgingly  approve your return to your  God-given homeland Israel. It likely was out of a guilt complex more than anything. Israel, you must understand, that it was only at the hand of YaHVeH that you are now a nation. Do not trust in the nations of the earth and their leaders. Trust in YaHVeH, who has rescued you again and again and again.

The IDF is an extraordinarily capable military; however, a rational examination of the war with the Arabs/Muslims  in 1948, 1967 and 1973 reveals, that there is something or someone much bigger than Israel that is doing the fighting for you. His name is YaHVeH.  You should do all you can reasonably do to keep your military strong, but safety is of YaHVeH. Proverbs 21:31


The USA has been kind to you in many ways, but you are not strong because of them. You are strong, because YaHVeH makes you strong. You are the apple of HIS eye. He delights in you. The leaders of the nations require you to do things, that they would never do under the same circumstances. The nations fear a backlash from Arab/Muslim nations, but why are you so worried Israel? Do not fear the so-called BOYCOTTS, DIVESTMENT, SANCTIONS (BDS) movement? It is doomed to failure, because it has raised it’s ugly head against YaHVeH, the Holy One of Israel. Read in your own Holy Book how YaHVeH gave Israel supernatural victory over it’s enemies time and again, when you honored HIM.

This is the key to your future success: Honor YaHVeH! Put away from you the trust in other nations and other things. Put away from you the things that make YaHVeH jealous. Why in the world would you want to maintain the status-quo at the Temple Mount? Exodus 20:5 teaches us, that Almighty YaHVeH is a jealous God. He will not share His glory with any other god. The Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque are dedicated to the worship of another god named Allah. Israel, surely you know that your God YaHVeH is the only true and living God. You must not fear the wrath of the nations, when you seek after YaHVeH instead of them. YaHVeH alone is your strength. When you honor Him, all the nations of the earth will not be able to harm you.

ISRAEL, YOU MUST TURN YOUR BACK ON EVERYTHING ELSE AND PLACE YOUR TRUST IN YAHVEH. He is your only capable hope. He alone is able to prosper the way before you. Seek His face with all your heart and with the utmost determination and faith. No one, who has ever sought after Him correctly, has gone away empty. Do not be afraid!

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