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Abuse Of Whistleblower Status

See the source imageThe well intentioned “Whistleblower Law”, that seeks to protect legitimate outing of wrongful activity, apparently is being abused for gain.

It appears, that a whistleblower and democrats are purposefully colluding in an attempt to put President Trump in jeopardy of impeachment and being thrown out of office. It is reported, that someone who worked for Vice-President Joe Biden is accusing President Trump of misusing the office of the president.

While Joe Biden was vice-president, his son Hunter Biden apparently made mega-bucks in Ukraine in a highly questionable manner, which President Trump was attempting to expose to legal scrutiny. The democrats seem to be attempting to call this attempted expose’ an abuse of the office-of-the-president.

If the whistleblower for sure witnessed high crimes and misdemeanors by the President, then that person deserves to be reasonably protected; however, if it is a partisan effort to overthrow our present government, then justice should be served by throwing the whistleblower and those abusing the system into prison.

It is a gross abuse of the system for a biased individual to mis-use the well-intentioned-whistleblower-law for the purposes of distorting the truth and simultaneously evading proper legal scrutiny to get away with slander and worse.

Here’s the deal: #1 Almost from day one, the democrats sought to impeach Trump for colluding with the Russians. They even went after President Trump’s son. When that failed they sought to impeach Trump for #2 obstruction of justice. #3 President Trump did not appreciate the democrats going after his family and sought to nail the democrat presidential candidate Joseph Biden and his son Hunter Biden #4 When the obstruction of justice thing was not working, the worried democrats dropped their colluding-with-the-Russians and obstruction-of-justice impeachment failures and are now apparently trying to impeach the president for going after the Bidens for corruption. Do you see a pattern here?

Trump is not like a lot of the republicans, who let the democrats kick them around all the time. He is a street fighter, that will get down in the mud with them and hit them twice as hard. They hate not being able to get their way with him.

And isn’t this the reason so many millions of Americans voted for President Trump in the first place? They want a leader that will stand up for traditional America and will fight bruising battles with these parasitic pirates all day long if necessary.

The democrats DO have plenty to worry about, for #5 is most likely on the way. Should Trump get re-elected, the whole unAmerican agenda of the unprogressives is at risk of being set back significantly. Prepare for some of the worst vitriol you can imagine from the heathens.

I never thought I would see the day, that America would once again have a leader that would take the fight back to these liberals, that are determined to destroy traditional Judeo/Christian America. Sometimes it isn’t very pretty, but that is just the way war is: not-very-pretty. But it is worth it, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, to try to save them from the catastrophic designs of the godless Democrat Party.

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Impeachment Attempt #2 Against Trump

focus photography of woman hand with peace signIt is happening for the second time now; can you believe it? Make no mistake about it; the democrats intend to overthrow our elected government. Apparently, they are willing to do anything, including color-of-law to get it done.

First they tried to take down Trump with their Mueller investigation, allegedly involving Trump, the Russians and the 2016 presidential election. That is all the media wanted to talk about for 3 years. The democrats tried desperately to find cause, but failed miserably to fashion an impeachment that way.

Incredibly, 3 years of hyper-ventilating accusations against President Trump disappeared suddenly and virtually overnight. The democrats came joyfully marching forward with a new accusation against Trump concerning the nation of Ukraine.

And guess what? yep, you got it: they decided to try and get to impeachment against Trump with this whole new matter. This impeachment attempt #2 uncovers what is in the heart of the democrats. No other U.S. president has ever been so hated, harassed, attacked, and drug through the mud in American history.

It is good that the next presidential election is only 12 months away. The American people can have their say about who should be president for the next four years.

But if President Trump wins again; you can be sure that it will not stop the hissing serpents in the Democrat Party from hemorrhaging another attempt at coup d’etat over and above the wishes of we-the-people.


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